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Ozark Trail Multitool

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This tool is nice, cheap, but horribly broken. Mine came with a missing screw, and broke the next day. I guess you get what you pay for but this was really, really, bad. It's ok for emergencies, but sucks as primary. Overall, I can barely, but I still do recommend this product. It's meh by my standards.

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The Leatherman "Wave" is probably my favorite multi-tool. The price is reasonable. You can usually find them for around $30.00 and the quality is excellent. It's a good investment.
I have two of these. One I purchased and one my company gave to me. They are great tools but I really would like to know where to find one for $30
I like the Gerber Suspension mulitool also. I know that Leatherman seems to be the "standard", but The Gerbers have held up to everything I've put them through with one exception and that was completely my fault.

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Sounds like you would be better off with a rock. My rock came with a little dirt on it, it was horribly hard, it was a little heavy, but nearly unbreakable so I think I would still recommend this product. :rolleyes:
Leatherman doesn't make rocks so it must have been made in China. Cheap imitation IMO.
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