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Ozark Trail Multitool

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This tool is nice, cheap, but horribly broken. Mine came with a missing screw, and broke the next day. I guess you get what you pay for but this was really, really, bad. It's ok for emergencies, but sucks as primary. Overall, I can barely, but I still do recommend this product. It's meh by my standards.

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This Sog power plier multi tool i used when i worked for the state doing trails, firefighting, fisheries, fencing, autoshop stuff, searches, household projects, sawyer projects n i even plucked my eyebrows with it once or twice. Its been a realiable sturdy tool over the years n now its retired to my daypack / bob. It could use a cleaning n the blade is a tad dull but it has all the little doo dads tucked nicly inside. I got it in 1995 n it was a dont leave home without it my still carry it with me had i not be in a controlled facility.

Lots of impressive looking ones theyve come oit with..that last one looks like it will morph into a little transformet,..
Hooch I have one exactly like that, it's my favorite. I've had several others over the years, but my SOG has never failed me.
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