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    Hey, does anyone live near the Amish or a Native American Tribal Group that has learned something from them that would make life easier, if everything we have come to expect and rely on in our infrastructure stopped?, if so what and have you implemented it. ie. farming, candle making, animal handling, home heating, lighting, alternative energy, cooking, canning or any other activity that we normally do that they would do a little differently?:cool:
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    I live in a Korean community and I've learned all about kimchee. It's a pickled cabbage that keeps forever if you keep if cool in a fridge, in the snow, or buried in your lawn. Korea has been at war for so long with so many nations that a lot of their food is very survival oriented and they have a vast selection of pickled and preserved foods that are a staple of their diet. I have a feeling the Koreans in my community stockpile a lot of food not for survival purposes but simply out of tradition.