OTG cabin in the woods ..

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    A member of another forum that I am part of has posted his building of an OTG (Off The Grid) home. I am linkin' his story here with hopes that he will see this and maybe come in and answer a bunch of your questions that you will most likely have ...

    20x32 A frame cabin Central KY

    I am impressed with what I have seen from his posts there!
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    Looks like an interesting home and quite affordable. I would like to find a land deal like that.

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    new at this sport but here goes. i just recently had a house built. i had to purchase lots of items as i did the "general contractor" job. point i'm getting to is take a copy of your 214 or retired id to lowes or home depot ...they will give you 10% off on any and all purchases at check out. your friend has a great A-frame. this is for "ALL" military. past or current! fair winds and following seas, thanks for serving.
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    otg cabin in the woods

    please tell your military friend, that he can show his dd214 or military ID card at lowes or home depot and get 10% off all purchases. if he takes his receipts back after the purchase when he didn't get the discount they will refund his 10% that he missed. this is for all ex military as well as currently serving. fair winds and following seas.