Oregon Trying to Pass Electric Car Tax

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IrritatedWithUS, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Oregon lawmakers are trying to surpass voters and pass this into law on their own. It's called the House Bill 2328.
    They are trying to create a Vehicle Road Usage Charge fee if you drive 14,000 miles or more in your electric vehicle. Every year you would have to pay at least $90 to keep your vehicle because 'electric cars hurt the gasoline economy in the state of Oregon' and 'damages the gasoline tax fund that helps improve roads'

    The bill also requires the development of an option of tracking and reporting miles driven that protect drivers’ privacy. That option is likely to rely on technology to transmit remotely miles driven as recorded by the vehicle’s odometer :eek:

    If passed, it will go to effect 2014


    Good idea or bad?
    And using technology to track and submit mileage?

    Why not register and tax bikes? They avoid gasoline and pay no taxes towards the roads. :rolleyes:
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    Here's the link to the bill:


    An interesting line in the bill: "Permits person paying vehicle road usage charge to apply for refund of motor vehicle fuel tax."

    How do they figure that refund? By miles driven divided by how many gallons a person WOULD have used in a gas- or diesel-powered vehicle?

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    many many people don't drive 14,000+ (13.5k avg in US) miles annually, and I would guess even less that own a PEV (most have a 50-100 mile range)... also, it appears that you can use manufacturers data to show (calculate) how many miles were driven under gasoline vs electric for a particular vehicle which would increase the total miles driven annually significantly to get to the 14k figure...

    all in all it appears it was a slow news day in Oregon & they needed to distract people

    Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group
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    Actually what they are proposing makes some sense to me. The roads will have to be maintained whether they are used for electric or gas vehicles. The gas taxes now go to paying for those repairs, if the electric don't use gas, they don't pay the tax. hence the road maintenance funds suffer.

    Sorry, but this does need to be addressed somehow. There is no free ride. :dunno:
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    Once they get this usage tax in for electric cars it's just a small step to implement it for all cars and trucks.
    Electric cars cut into the states gas tax and that's all this is about.
    Once other states see Oregon making money they will quickly follow.
    Never trust a politician.
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    I didn't realize electric cars were such a problem. You're right about bikes, though, they are a much bigger threat and at some point they probably will figure out a way to legally rape(read TAX) the people that ride bikes to save gas. That bill kind of even sounds like a legal foot in the door.