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Aside from iron sights, what sort of optics (scopes) do you use.

I've been tempted to get an inexpensive "red dot" -type scope, but scopes like that use batteries. I don't want to find myself relying on whether my batteries are working or not when the SHTF.
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If the SHTF Iron Sights would be the way to go. Sure there are special forces out there that use optics but the average ground pounder doesn't. You won't be going for "precision" hits simply hitting a man sized target at distance.

A greater likelihood is that the confrontation will come at a much closer distance when point shooting will suffice for hitting your target in a manner to cause them to change their minds.

If you are planning on being in the woods "sniping" then that is an entirely different story. If you are defending your home from looters and rioters, the more ammo and quicker you can put shots "down range" the better. Just remember you are responsible for the bullets that leave your gun. You hit an innocent person and you can be charged.
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