OpSec failure you may relate to.

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    Funny word or an important concept?

    Today while at the gun store in a small town I have done some buisiness with I was talking to the owners girlfriend/sales person. He was out and the conversation turned to food prices and then evolved to include the probable economic decline and the notices from Kraft and Sisco about food price increases and shortages.

    Well the next thing I know she is telling me about the prepper types that shop their store and that the owner and his best friend are doing that prepping stuff. Funny thing is I know his best friend and he works in the same office with one of mine.

    I ask her if there are many of those prepper types in the area and I get an earfull of info.

    Your chain is as stong as your weakest link. :sssh:
  2. BizzyB

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    We had a close call today. Neighbor kid, Codename: Dennis the Menace, came by selling raffle tickets. A Honeyville grain delivery had come earlier along with two giant pickling crocks and the boxes were still stacked in the foyer. Dennis the Menace looks past Mr. B and asks, "You guys moving?" Uhhh, er... :eek:

  3. goshengirl

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    "just boxing things up to put in our storage unit...." uh, yeah, that's it ;)
  4. IrritatedWithUS

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    "move along...nothing to see here..." :)
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    Yeah, im an idiot and informed 1 or 2 people at work whom i felt i trusted about certain prep related things.....next thing i know in converstaion with a supervisr he asks...something like, "i hear your stockpiling for the end of the world".......Chilled me....i promptly responded with a sarcastic remark....thats the last time ive mentioned ANYTHING prep related....

    on the topic of OpSec.....posting on this website is really dangerous as well....i wish i had been more informed about this stuff.....I have a very erie feeling that posts made by me on this site will come back to haunt me one day
  6. The_Blob

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    proxies, proxies, proxies
  7. jungatheart

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    All those people who laugh at us and carry on will be the grim faced aggressor at our doorstep demanding our food for their Poor Kids. You might be able to trust certain people now but I've seen people I thought were okay turn into monsters with just a little adversity.
  8. Emerald

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    I just tell folks that I only prepare for the power outages that we seem to constantly have around here(just yesterday as a matter of fact.) and for poor weather.
    But most of my family and friends know about my "food allergies" and off and on poor health and don't even think twice about me stock piling stuff that I need/use when it is on sale. In fact many family members have been asking how to do some of the stocking and rotating of bigger buys... But I have not been sharing with others Don't need random acquaintances showing up with hands out when things get worse.
  9. nj_m715

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    I just had a good laugh. "These are not the droids you're looking for"
    (wave hand slowly in front of face)
  10. nj_m715

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    I have dropped hints or poked around with some friends or family to look for allies. If they don't respond as prepers I simply switch gears to the old " I buy in bulk when on sale to save money" sort of thing and I point out the increase in food over the last few months. I leave it at that and hope I planted a seed with them.
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    When I come across "OpSec" in posts, my brain reads it as "OpSecurity" sometimes and "OpSecrecy" at other times. To me, they're one and the same. I tell nobody nuthin'. After the smoke clears and the DW and I emerge from our deep-woods hidey spot, we'll hook up with whomever else survives. There'll be a good chance that they'd been preppers, too.
  13. ComputerGuy

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    This week I was involved in a conversation and found out that there are several preppers in my work area.

    I reminded them about OPSEC and COMSEC and also supplied this site, and of course a copy of the Golden Hoard post to emphasize the need to keep it on the low.

    Everyone just considered me strange, raising chickens, and turkeys, making my own beer, etc.
  14. The_Blob

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    "Here’s the problem, part of the reason why preparedness folks have such a negative stigma thrust upon them. is because many conduct themselves in such a way that they are begging to get the blue blazes beat out of them during recess. What’s wrong with being clean cut, well spoken, intelligent, and well put together AND being focused on preparedness?"

    couldn't agree with that more emphatically
  15. nj_m715

    nj_m715 www.veggear.blogspot.com

    I think most people fell preppers are crazy because they have the "it can't happen to me" mindset. My store will never be out out food, my car will never get stuck in the snow, my house will never see a storm that knocks out the power for 4 days and there will never be riots here because this is America. Anyone who thinks otherwise must be nuts because they know they are right no matter how you look, dress or talk. You are nuts if you do anything different from the flock.
  16. BizzyB

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    Agreed. I think it goes toward the Gray Man philosophy: Blend in. Don't draw attention to yourself, don't linger in someone's memory.

    Some people get quite carried away trying to find the perfect "gray" vehicle for bugging out/in or the perfect "gray-yet-tactical" costume to wear on SHTF Day. Gray is being center of mass, fitting in, the norm. If you're hanging with suburbanites, look suburban not homeless. If you're hanging with farmers, look rural not haute couture. If you're hanging with urban hipsters, well... the homeless look works well for that.
  17. Clarice

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    Prepping is personal like your bank account, private.
  18. Woody

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    That is SO right from I what I see and here, at least in this area. In my area of NC, lots of folks have money, not billionairs or anything but enough so they can buy pretty much whatever they want. I get the impression that they think that no matter what the situation they will be able to get anything they need when they need it. I am actually glad I'm not in their boat and willing to be prepared. Being an old woodchuck from Pennsyltucky helps also and I look at the world a whole lot differently. I have lived the have nothing life and been happy. They have never even thought of the possibility of having no electric, indoor plumbing, heat or AC.
  19. Tacitus

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    Do you pay for them...or do you use free ones?

    I guess I figured proxies were good for keeping Google or Walmart from tracking me, but I figured the government was probably running most of the proxies. (And I don't even mean that in a conspiratorial way. I just assumed they would want to do that for legitimate security reasons...just the lay of the land.)
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    Call me paranoid but mostly over informed on the cyber topic. Never assume that your actions on the internet are anonymous, even in a cyber cafe. Truthfully for most people the best way for someone to track your actions is your bank statement.