ONE YEAR! Can You Store This Much?

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  1. ReadyMom

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    Like a lot of you, I post on other forums. One of the forums has a good discussion going on trying to get a year's worth of food saved. I thought I'd start that discussion here. The reason is One of the things very clearly stated by one of our guest speakers (Cynthia Ayers) the Central PA prep event, this weekend, regarding an EMP event is how MUCH you should consider storing: ONE YEAR. At LEAST one year! The start of the conversation (at the other forum) went like this:

    SO ... Are YOU prepared to be able to store that much? I don't think we have the space to do this. :dunno: Hubby is complaining NOW! :bored: -k
  2. BlueZ

    BlueZ Well-Known Member

    1 years worth of water is ust not practical. And in some areas of the country not needed either.
    IN my location its pretty wet and rains a lot.
    Now if I was in the southwest it might be worth my while....
    A years worth of food is possible with high energy staples like beans and rice... the fresh roughage during that time could come from collected plants....

    Dandelion Salad.. mmmm :)

  3. OldCootHillbilly

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    Yes it can be done. Get creative with yalls storage locations. Got a basement? Look up at them floor joists, that be storage space! Under yer bed. Under stairwells. Just remember, try ta keep yer stored stuff as cool as possible.
    Water, well guess that gonna depend on where yall be. Round my parts I got access ta lots a water. BUT, ya need ta be able ta treat it. Boil it, chemical treatment (pool shock) an filters. I keep a certain amount a water on hand cause ya never know when yer gonna need it an might take a day er two ta get ta a pond er such.

    Remember, ifin yer gonna do lots a dryed foods, gonna take more water. Personally I'd do a mix a dryed foods an canned foods. Canned foods ya can keep rotatin out ta keep em fresh an they be good fer a short term whoops.
  4. Asatrur

    Asatrur Well-Known Member

    Water is the long haul for most folks I think, as it takes up a lot of space and is heavy. We try to keep 1-2 months at most, but have filters and replacement cartridges for them to make up the difference.
  5. Davarm

    Davarm Texan

    There are a lot of "work a rounds" for the space issues, some very practical and some extreme.

    The biggest factor would be what kind of food you are storing, dehydrated or freeze dried take considerably less space than canned goods and freezer meals, they can be made into "Prepper Furniture" or packed into buckets that replace bed frames(30-5 gallon buckets fit under a queen sized bed). Cases of cans or canning jars can be made into coffee or end tables and covered with a table cloth and no one would know if you didn't tell them. Most houses have "dead space" thats easy to access and can be used to store supplies, and dont forget about the space under your sofa or love seat. I know some that even have put made their sofa and love seat into storage containers.

    Dont be afraid to use your imagination.
  6. Country Living

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    We're working on Year 2. As for the water, we have a spring fed lake on our property and we have a Berkey.

    My concern is the focus on most of these kinds of threads is food and water with some shelter and guns/ammo thrown in. We spent a huge amount of time and money on sanitation. We're fortunate in that we live in a rural area and have our own water well and septic system.

    Along with the food and seeds, we have two years worth of toilet paper, hand and body soap, dish soap, shampoo, and clothes soap along with Clorox wipes. We have at least two years worth of various OTC meds and at least of one "buffer" year of prescription meds (including prescriptions for antibiotics).

    Food is important. Sanitation is just as important. It doesn't take much for serious diseases to take hold in unsanitary conditions. All the food in the world won't save you if you are in that kind of environment.

    Just don't forget there is another side of the survival coin.
  7. Caribou

    Caribou Time Traveler

    A years worth? That is easy I may have twice that. At least till the freeloaders show up.

    Davarm has a good point about being creative on storage places. I turned a coat closet into a pantry that will store 5 or 6 months worth of food for the two of us. Some people raise the bed up. Some have raised the bed up enough to store five gallon buckets under it. Slide the couch out a few inches and stack goods behind. You can buy or build foot stools where the top hinges back to reveal storage. Bookcases or similar furniture with solid doors can be placed in any room.

    I had a large bedroom in one house. I built the closet the whole length of the house and four feet into the room. This gave me a four foot room with shelves on one wall accessible through the closet.

    Attic space might be acceptable for stuff like TP that would not be bothered by heat or cold. If you own the property a root cellar can be dug. Both ends of a closet can have shelves added and the closet floor can be filled with boxes.
  8. semperscott

    semperscott Well-Known Member

    I've got preps stored throughout the house; I also keep an equal store of preps in a shed a couple of hundred yards from the house. The shed looks like an old falling down small barn, but it is a new built structure with very good insulation and security. A neighbor down the road had an old barn that he wanted torn down so I just used the old wood and rusted tin to cover the new building. The grass, weeds and brush I planted around it have now very effectively added to the 'look'. I never keep all my preps in once place.
  9. Dakine

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    Right now, before prices get really crazy, I don't think that one year or even two years is unachievable. It just depends on how many you are feeding and what your expectations are for taste, variety and content.

    There are options for all kinds of budgets, what do you want to store and how much of it? That determines the preps you should look into.
  10. sailaway

    sailaway Well-Known Member

    I have a still on order to purify all the water I will need. I also have a VIO Purifyer in the bug out bag. 30 galons of stored water in several locations.
  11. Country Living

    Country Living Supporting Member

    Sure (wink, wink)... the still is JUST for water......
  12. 101airborne

    101airborne Well-Known Member

    It looks like most people here would have a problem storing enough water foe a year, I guess I'm lucky there. We have a well that even in the worse drought has kept producing just fine, in addition we have a 12,000 gallon pool and 3 250 gallon water cubes set up to catch rain water.

    Food is our storage issue. We have a small home and with aproching 6 months stores we're getting to about 70% used storage space. I may have to build another room on the house to make room.
  13. ReadyMom

    ReadyMom Well-Known Member

    What about the types of food you store to try and get to that goal? Having a one year goal ... would that change your choices in food items you are storing? -k
  14. cengasser

    cengasser Member

    To accommodate our growing preps, we found a lot of wasted space. Cleaned house so to speak. We added some shelving and draws for storage and found tons of space in just getting organized better. Anything that can go in bins and to the shop goes there.
    We could fit a year just in the cabinet space we freed up and organized.
    Working on getting to a year now!
  15. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member


    Store what you eat. Eat what you store. :D

    And yes, we have room for a years worth of food storage. :)
  16. Caribou

    Caribou Time Traveler

    What UncleJoe said!

    Very little of what I store is for long term storage only. When I put something into storage I mark the month and year it is added. First in first out (FTFO). If, when I take it out of storage and put it into the pantry the date is less than one year then I know I have that much less than a years worth. When I moved my goal to two years the same applied.
  17. Davarm

    Davarm Texan

    I went back and found some of the pictures Of "Prepper Furniture" and other storage ideas I have used, I think I have posted some of them before. I am just about at the end of the line in what I can store and these are some of the waysI have come up with to hide preps.

    Between the sofa and the wall are cases of jars covered with a Mexican Blanket(the stack is a quite a bit higher now) and at the far end of the sofa is an end table(under construction):D made of cases of preserves and canned fruit.

    The coffee table is covered with a comforter, I just found a table cloth that fits but the picture was taken a while back. The buckets on the hearth at the end of the coffee table are now covered by a curtain so it looks like another window when the curtain is closed, havent taken a pic of that yet. The buckets under the bed are covered by one of those "curtain things" that hang to the floor so they are out of sight.

    These ideas may or may not be acceptable for all but they work pretty well here and a whole lot of food is out of immediate sight and looks fairly presentable.


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  18. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    Never thought about it that way. :congrat: Now I have to go downstairs and have a look.

    I'm eating the last jar of my 2011 canned peaches right now. The next jar will be from the summer of '12. There are a couple jars of tomato sauce from '10 but '11 and '12 weren't very good years. Wax beans are all from '12 but there's about 40 pints left. Still have some applesauce from '11 and all of '12.

    So in general it looks like we're good for at least a year as long as it gets replenished every season. Guess it's time to work on that 2 year target. :)
  19. invision

    invision Supporting Member - Crazy Huh?

    What about aquaponics? Anyone trying that? Got the build plan but haven't tried it yet.
  20. Foreverautumn

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    I live in a 1-Bedroom Apartment. Storing an entire YEAR's worth of food is going to be a SERIOUS challenge. FORGET about a year's worth of water! Right now, I'm still trying to store 90 days worth of food! :(

    I can only do what I can do. :(