One more nail in the Constitutional coffin

Discussion in 'Politics' started by horseman09, May 13, 2011.

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    Reminds me of a group called the SS.

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    Holy Crap--did you just hear that?

    It was every one of our founding fathers rolling over in their graves.
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    I damn near threw up.

    I added this link to my Facebook and shared with my friends. I am writing many letters about it too. I'm not going to sit on my thumb and watch the world go to sh*t.
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    This is NOT good!
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    Just in case you'd like to share your opinion with this Indiana 3-2 Supreme Court, here is their contract info:

    Indiana Supreme Court
    Division of Supreme Court Administration
    State House, Room 315
    200 W. Washington Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm
    Phone: (317) 232-2540
    Fax: (317) 232-8372
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    This story makes me sick to my stomach... what the *beep* is going on?! We've been losing our freedoms and marching towards a larger and more 'big brother' type government for decades - but the degree to which the pace has picked up in the past few years is mind boggling.
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    When you have a marixist as president, other marxists feel they can come out of the woodworks!
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    Can any of our police freinds please go kick their door in and see how they like it
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    but they look out for us

    Yea right:rolleyes: our government likes taking care of us. they feel it is their job:eek:. They think they are our mothers. With friends like them who needs enemies. :dunno:big bother is watching and telling mommie what she wants to hear. we need to vote the whole bag of them out of office and clean our slate, get back to what this country was founded on...... government keeping its nose out of our lives and business.
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    Under the Law

    Under the law, an officer may enter a house if he knows a person for whom he bears an arrest warrent is in the dwelling but he has to know for sure the person is there.

    He may enter a dwelling if he has reasonable cause to believe someone is injured or in immediat danger. example , he hears a woman scream or there is a blood trail leading into the house.

    He may enter a dwelling if he is in hot persute of a suspect, ( he chases the suspect into the dwelling).

    He may enter a dwelling if he sees somthing in plain sight from outside the dwelling that is a violation of the law, ( your Marijuana growing in the window sill).

    For everything else, he needs a search warrant.

    The decision is his not yours as to whether the above allowable conditions exist and you may not interfere with him entering your dwelling, however you can verbablly refuse permission and he will answer for any breach of your rights if he is in the wrong.

    Any evidence he may find is worthless if the search is ruled illegal, (fruits of an illegal search).

    He also loses his protection under the law from personal liability, (Soverign immunity), and may be sued !

    Your protection is in court , not at the door of your dwelling or your vehicle.

    Be smart and don't fight with the police on the street or in your dwelling you will lose.
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    No more 4th amendment?and here I thought the second would be first to go.

    Just keep the lights out,that way when you blast whoever kicks your door into the after-life,you can say you were conserving electricity and lord 0bomb hasn't issued green friendly night vision to you yet.honest mistake yo!:bullit:
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    Very good advice. :congrat:

    The time to prove or disprove whether the officer(s) search was legal or not is in court. There have, unfortunately, been cases where LEOs have lied in order to obtain "No Knock" search warrants. One case in Atlanta a few years ago caused the death of a 90 +/- year old lady when she turned a .38 in their general direction. The officer who lied was held responsible and is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence for his actions leading to her untimely death. The other officers on the team were acting in good faith.

    Blasting away at an unknown "invader" has resulted in the deaths of several peoples' family members. If you cannot identify your target and be able to articulate that you believed they were a legitimate threat later in court, i.e. burglar, rapist, etc., you'd better not shoot unless you like the idea of meeting Jesus earlier than expected, or spending a very long time in prison if not the rest of your life. I'd strongly suggest every homeowner who keeps a gun for defense purchase and mount a light on it. The life you save may be a family members.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    If your neighbor heard glass breaking, what they thought was a gunshot or a high pitched scream coming from the general direction of your house and a patrol officer was sent to investigate and saw your bleeding body whether you were moaning or not laying in the floor, would you REALLY want them to just leave, or believe they could or should? Really? Or, if you heard the same type of thing coming from your neighbor's house, would you take it upon yourself to investigate it, or call 9-1-1 and let the police do their jobs?

    If officers had chased a felony suspect to your now opened door, would you really want them to leave them inside? If they left and your daughter or wife came home and was raped and killed by the suspect the police had chased to your door before they returned with a search warrant, would you sue them? If so, what for? They were only doing what you wanted them to do...leave you and your property alone until they had a warrant.
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    Sorry but I'm calling Bullchit on this one

    There is never a time "when serving a lawful warrant" that LEO's have any excuse to batter ram a door open and charge in screaming and yelling , If there is a gang of dopers in there it going to cause a major shootout.. if it's some poor SOB trying to sleep after working all night chances are he will wake up reaching for a gun...and in essence get murdered in his bed...and yes I said and mean" murdered!" any cop whose been working all night and wakes up hearing his front door crashing open is also going to reach for a gun.. Well he's trained to know better OH it's different..he's a cop...uh huh...

    NOBODY... has a right to knock down your door! ever!.. and you have not only a right but a DUTY to defend your home and family... if you don't then hand in your Manhood coz ya just don't need it...

    I can see a whole new type of crime now where the BG's wearing fake uniforms charge into homes and after taking control will enjoy your wife and or daughters..... Well Jeeeze I thought they were cops who had the "RIGHT"

    My home ain't big , I ain't rich or even well off , But what's mine is mine and no bunch of judges have the right to take away my rights... and not to sound Ramboish but I will not allow anybody to make me a Slave , which is what people without rights are..SLAVES... thanks..

    I might place a sign outside that says HI LEO's ! If you knock and act polite I will be polite too..kickin my door and I will react the same as you do... be WARNED!

    In my opinion that's a fair way to deal with it... but the SCOTUS does not have the right to make me a right less slave... if that isn't obvious to everybody then I feel sorry for those who can't see the truth of it... It's coming time where we will be forced to stand up and say "Hell NO!...Bring it on![ B]
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    Well stated, Hozay.

    Here Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun (Warning: Explicit Language Used) - Police - Fox Nation is one of thousands of examples of why Americans should not give LEOs unbridled trust. This cop showed blatant disregard for the law -- who would trust this same cop in your home in the middle of the night with your wife and daughters where his actions aren't recorded?

    Philly cops are notorious for their blatant, arrogant, bullying elitism -- in and out of uniform. PA State troopers aren't much better.

    I might sound anti-LEO, but I'm not. I am anti abusive LEO. I am anti elitist LEO. I am anti renegade LEO.

    LEOs should be the epitiomy of a law abiding citizen, and far too often they are not -- and their superiors ignore or even condone inappropriate and illegal behavior.
  16. Davo45

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    No argument with you here, I agree completely. From what I've seen, read and heard, most big city cops from Chicago to the East coast as well as those on the West Coast are getting more and more that way (some have been that way for decades) There are still some, no doubt, who try to do the right thing, but their numbers in the Blue States seem to be shrinking rapidly.

    In the South, I have seen entire police and sheriff's departments shut down before, rightly so, after a state or federal investigation led to the arrest of the entire force. No good cop worth wearing a badge can stand a dirty or abusive cop.
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    Oh yes, I got the case cited in the thread confused with another case the SCOTUS just ruled on, which really didn't give police any new powers, but reinforced the powers we already had.

    I'm quite sure this case will be overturned at Indian supreme court if not before in the Court of Criminal Appeals. It would really surprise me if it went to the federal level....but i've been wrong before. :scratch
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    This wasn't from the Indiana Supreme court...was it? Well, if so I've already been proven wrong. The majority of these justices must've missed the constitutional law class....sheesh! :gaah:
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    I'm afraid I'll have to respectfully disagree with you here, we often have to force entry for the fire/rescue & EMS folks in the case of elderly people who've set off their medic alert alarms...literally "I've fallen and I can't get up!" just like the commercial. We simply have no choice in those cases. We also have to force entry when a family member calls in and asks for a "welfare check" because they haven't been able to reach their relative for several days. If we see their car in the drive or garage and get no answer for more than 5 minutes after pounding on every door and window on the house (or apartment), or, we can smell the unmistakable odor of decaying human flesh, we have to force entry.

    I also have to respectfully differ with you in regards to known doper/gang houses, unlike your claim that a forced entry causing a major shootout, in my experience the opposite is true. In my time serving with a county wide SWAT team I participated in 26 forced entries, we always knocked and announced our presence as the door was coming off the hinges. Most were drug houses with the Drug Task force with a warrant, several of those were gang houses too. A couple were on felony arrest warrants (both of the individuals had made the statement that they "wouldn't go back to prison").

    A very few dopers/gang bangers even made an attempt to go after a gun, only to reconsider after seeing they were covered with no less than 5 pulsating red dots on their chests. Neither of the 2 bad a$$ convicts chose to go out in a blaze of glory (which they may very well have done if confronted with officers who'd knocked on the door like they were part of the Welcome Wagon to serve the warrants).

    There have been a couple of times when gang bangers have dressed up more or less like a SWAT team and committed home invasions, but only a couple that I've ever heard of. Nobody knows what would've happened if the homeowners had've been armed and ready and fired on them, but we'll never know. One of those 2 cases was a rival gang's drug house, so they probably did think it was the real po po until it was too late.

    I'll say this again, if you don't KNOW who you're pulling a trigger on, and KNOW they are there illegally I sincerely hope you don't shoot anybody. If it's a gang of thugs dressed as more or less like a SWAT team, you may eventually be cleared of any wrong doing. But if, it really is a police SWAT team who are executing a valid won't have to worry about going to jail, because you will most assuredly be meeting Jesus very soon.

    I personally and professionally don't like "no knock" warrants, but some judges issue them, and if issued a police SWAT team will execute it. You may believe yourself to be a "real man" by dying for your "rights" but you won't be doing your family any good. It may well be that, like the Atlanta case a few years ago, a dirty cop who was trying to meet his "quota" of cases lied on the affidavit to obtain a warrant, or a doper may have given your address to get out of being prosecuted himself. It may be a vindictive ex-wife, etc. who wants to see you dead, but are too scared to do it themselves, but figure they'll let the police do it for them because they believe you'll try to out shoot a minimum of 5 heavily armed and armored SWAT operators. Either way, if you tried it the result would be the would be meeting Jesus sooner than expected.

    All I'm asking you to do is think about it. Try to have an open mind about it. I'm not going to argue with you about it and will try to not post in this thread again.

    Take care,