One day deal on a top notch Rayovac LED lantern

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    UPDATE The special didn't last all day like I had thought but only until they sold out of a quantity of stock which has happened already. Sorry, but the special has ended.

    Amazon is having a one day special on the Rayovac 3D LED lantern which is one of my favorite models.

    It's $18.99 today only which is the lowest I've ever seen it offered retail.

    You will need to buy two to get free shipping but they are worth it.

    These lanterns run on three D cell batteries and on high will give you about 24 hours of good bright light followed by about 24 hours more of diminished light. 50+ hours total. On low you will get double the runtime.
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    is there a port to recharge rechargables while IN the lamp?... I'm thinking one of those small $10 car battery solar rechargers

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    Not on this model. This model takes three D cell alkaline batteries as it's primary power source though I've used it with three AA NiMH eneloop batteries using the AA to D cell adapters. You do have to charge the NiMH AA (or D cell) batteries externally which is not a bad thing.

    In thinking of charging various devices in an emergency or if the grid were down, I'd generally like to be able to charge the batteries independent of the device. I'm not a big fan of devices that don't have replaceable batteries or can't easily be swapped for a fully charged pack.