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I'm positive I posted this site before, but most folks don't spend time going back to read older stuff.
This site has some very good information and debunks many myths about guns and bullets.

As preppers we all need to know all we can about not just surviving an event, but also how to stay alive afterward and while food and shelter top the list we also know security and defense are right there also ...

Anyway, take time to look thru this information, there is a great deal of good info and you don't have to spend your time and money conducting the tests..

I really liked the sand bag test!!!

The Box O' Truth - The Box O' Truth

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I learned something from those write-ups and pictures.

#1 - when cleaning a gun, always make sure that it is unloaded in the house

#2 - Hiding behind a piece of 2x4 board in a wall will be safer than anything else ... more boards are required :eek:

#3 - Brick. 'nuff said
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