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On the radio this morning...

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I have been browsing through this forum for about a month now, but this morning I heard something on the radio that pushed me to finally register.

On the Glenn Beck show today, he was saying something to the extent of "the responsible thing to do is to be prepared."

I wish I could find the transcript (without being an "insider")... I remember him going on and on about how important it is that we are prepared, and that we all look at what could be the worst-case scenario and have a plan for it.

This is the 3rd most listened to talk radio program in America... Hopefully more people will start to take preparedness seriously.
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I have never heard of this Glenn Beck person - so - I had to Google him. Found his website that states there are audio and web-cam archives. So - I click into it and find a small pile of links. Since today is February 11 2009, I figured that I would click on the link for February 10 2009 .. titled Universal healt buried in stimulus .. and I find a page of 4 links ..

Which should I click on to hear what Glenn Beck has to say about being prepared?
I listen to Glenn via internet stream at work, in case you're interested. This doesn't directly answer your question, but over time it will ;)

Glenn Beck radio stream
Clicking on that link gives me a page that states I am not allowed to listen to the radio show because I am in Canada ... :eek:
ZOMG! Heh, that is news to me, no pun intended :p

Sorry, I don't know of any links from a Canadian station :(
I suspect its the Canadian govt that has blocked us from the Glenn Beck program...not the americans...
Blame Canada! :D
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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