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Hi all, Metalbasher is absolutely correct about the carbon monoxide killing you in an enclosed, unvented space. A cousin of mine died many years ago this way. He had just started a job as a security guard and it was his first night on the job. Fired one of these up in a car. Very sad. This typ of heater is best used where there is good ventilation.

When you are cold you may turn to desperate measures, psychologically, a cold house or environment to most people is ver unsettling. I knew another guy that was unemployed with a wife and child. Fired up his CHARCOAL barbecue IN the house. They survivied.

Good idea to always have blankets, and heavier clothing to layer for a worst case scenario. Not comfortable, but uses no fuel, and is affordable, and is almost always available.

Rubbing alcohol should not be used to start a catalytic heater, it, it is usually about 50% water.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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