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I have the old green Coleman catalytic heater, a 5K BTU model, I believe. Used to belong to my uncle. It's quite handy, and should be used with Coleman fuel (also used to start it). I suspect it could be used with unleaded gasoline, i.e., I don't believe there'd be anything in it that would poison the catalyst, as the lead in the old-style gas would have. However, I've never used mine with anything except Coleman fuel. You fill the tank with the heater COLD, then you pour a few ounces of fuel on the dome and light it. That gets things going pretty quickly, and in 10 minutes or so you should have a nice glow in the dark from the dome and good heat. As has been mentioned, you never, EVER use any type of heater indoors that employs regular combustion, i.e, which uses oxygen. It will use up all the available oxygen, but the CO (carbon monoxide), produced by incomplete combustion as the oxygen supply dwindles, will probably kill you before you suffocate.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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