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    I need an answer to a question. I've not been able to find this answer anywhere.

    If we were to suffer a large EMP- man made or a solar CME (coronal mass ejection) that would fry some electrical systems... how do I protect my radios, rechargers, batteries etc from damage? Do I just store them in Mylar? Is that enough to diffuse the electrrical charge? Or do I have to store them inside a metal ammo can, military radio box or something metal. Also.. does whatever I store this stuff in- be in mylar or metal, does it have to be grounded in order to diffuse or redirect the electrical charge?
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    I would thing a metal shell with asome rubber insulation so the object doesent tuch the metal would do the trick.

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    The theoretical solution is a faraday cage. Lots of info on google etc. here is a link to a site that has a fair bit of info on EMP theory
    An old microwave oven with the cord cut off short is also supposed to be a good storage unit. But use a bit of caution, high power EMP/ CME info is pretty much all theory, not proven fact. there is a fair bit of discussion from members of this board on the vechicle section of this forum and some in the energy and electrical part too,
    My take on EMP is to describe it like a spherical , long term lightening strike, where the force builds up over the surface of a conductor (grid wire , rail track, phone line, radio antenna or the like and causes a fatal (to electronics) surge
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    If you do a search here in the forums for "Faraday Cage" you will find several threads with information and good ideas as to how to construct a safe box to store your electronics in. Every Faraday cage I've seen has been grounded to divert any electromagnetic charge away from the contents and the contents were insulated from all contact with the outer cage or shell. Hope that helps.
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    Do share...

    Inquiring minds want to know.
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    If I had equipment to protect, I would get an old chest freezer to store them in when not in use. There has been a little discussion about EMP's not affecting all equipment or locations...don't know where I read it.......