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    Another heads up:

    I have Direct TV, and we have a channel called Planet Green, channel 286. Only reason I noticed it is that it's right above the Military Channel. :)

    Anyhow, they have a show on right now called "Off the Grid". It's hosted by Les Stroud, and I know there are some mixed emotions about him, but it is all about how his family bought a 100-year old farmhouse on 150 acres. Just started, but seems pretty good.
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    We have DTV also but they want another $20 a month for the package that includes PG. We already give them $65 and have no intention of giving them any more. :nuts:

  3. Turtle

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    Well, unless there are future episodes coming, you didn't miss much. Pretty much boiled down to: Les didn't plan ahead as much as he should have, moved out to an abandoned farm house in Canada right before winter and couldn't get his well dug or his electricity generation set up in time for the on-set of winter. So he and his family had a company come out and build a log cabin on the site. He got it all up and running, but not until the spring.
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    Not a real big Les Stroud fan.....he is the Bob Vila of the Survivor set.
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    You and me both, more money, for a show that should be available to most. I don't think they are doing the right thing, should we protest:woohoo: and not watch so much TV.:cry:
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    We lucked out and have managed to hold on to an oooooold package that Direct TV offered about eight years ago that included a lot more for a lot less money. I think we only pay about $67 a month, which includes the DVR. We have looked at changing packages a few times to save money, but it has never included as much as we already have.
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    I watched a show recently about settlers, who live in a mesa area of the southwest, in new mexico I think. This show was on Sundance channel I think. These free spirits lived about as cheap as someone could. They mostly liked living there for the freedom, and enjoyed the solitude. They had to truck in water, make their own electricity, and pretty much get by on their own.

    The cops stayed away as much as possible, and the group of people that lived there got along good, and took care of their own problems. They lived in seperate little compounds, but worked together to help each other. some of the residents were veterans of the gulf war, and had some post stress issues, and needed the solitude. As long as the pot lasted, everyone was pretty laid back.

    The whole show was an interesting look into what could be accomplished with very little, and how people got along with each other, and how they took care of community problems that arose. Basically, they used wild west justice as a guidline. it worked for them. very interesting documentary. I'd like to see it again. To me, it showed how people with like minds, and reasonable effort, could live, day to day, away form organized society, and live ok. Their whole premise of living there was freedom to do whatever they wanted, at any time. it was a potent drug for them. Societal problems did come up, but were dealt with by council of residents, and enforced with swift justice.

    I think many people don't know what they can do till they're forced by life, to do something. Talk is cheap isn't it?? Good luck folks..
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    Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I liked it.