Obama stopped by the Saudis?

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    Found this article to be interesting, considering current events.

    Posted by Judson Phillips on February 10, 2011 at 7:28am in Tea Party Nation Forum
    Saudi Arabia is not America’s friend. That is beyond dispute. But occasionally they do something that helps America. They stopped Obama and helped America a few days ago.

    First, anytime anyone can stop Obama from doing anything, they are helping America. But this dealt with Obama’s handling of the Egyptian crisis.

    Obama and his regime have been encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to take power. In fact, the regime has been aiding and abetting the radical Islamists in taking over Egypt.

    Enter King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The King called Obama up and told him to stop trying to push Mubarak out of Egypt so fast. Mubarak is a friend of the king but on a more practical level, the Saudis are watching the events in Egypt with fear and horror. Mostly by bribery and repression, they have kept the lid on the Islamists in the Saudi kingdom. That can only go on for so long.

    If the Islamists in Saudi Arabia see Mubarak toppled and replaced with an Islamist regime, they would be encouraged to do the same, and the Saudi royal family knows there are a lot of Islamists who dream of seeing the royal family beheaded.

    King Abdullah told Obama not to push Mubarak out now, let him leave in September. He also told Obama that if the US cut off aid to Egypt, which the US had threatened to do to aid the Islamists, the Saudis would make up the difference.

    For America, this is something of a reprieve. Without the external pressure, Mubarak may be able to hang on long enough to transfer power to a non-Islamist government. Obama will be hugely disappointed by that but at least it will help America.

    Right now, the Middle East teeters on the brink of war. Egypt has had peace with Israel for thirty years. If Egypt falls to radical Islamists and Jordan does as well, there will be war with Israel.

    Even if this war does not go nuclear, which Israel may well be forced to do, the economic consequences for America would be devastating. With an anti American President who is doing everything in his power to destroy the economy of this country doing the damage he has already done, plus the damage another oil embargo would do to America, we could find ourselves quickly relegated to the status of a second rate economic power.

    Obama has done everything in his power to wreck every alliance we have in the Middle East, not to mention the world. He has damaged our relationship with Britain, our closest ally. He has ignored Israel. He has tossed Egypt under the bus. Mubarak may be a dictator, but he has kept the region stable and his replacement would be worse. Saudi Arabia is our only ally left in the region.

    What will Obama do to destroy the remaining good relationships we have with the few countries that still trust us?
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    I saw the Glenn Beck program yesterday? or the wed... anyway he had an expert on this mess who pointed out that the VP in Egypt is the equivalent of the head of the KGB and giving him control will have the same results as Russia handing all control to the KGB..

    They just said Mubarak just resigned.. this whole thing is going to blow sky high..

    Mubarak probably just needed time to send his loot to Swiss banks and get to the airport...

    Me thinks WW3 is on the way..

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    Thats whatcha called being internationally ***** slapped..nice to know someone can do it to our socialistist leaders...altho not too many yrs ago no one would think of doing that to America.
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    The west is so obsessed with so-called islamists ...just makes me wonder if they are sorry to lose those dictators like Mobarak and Bin Ali.

    We Moslems are hoping for a new civil multi-cultural gov in Egypt. Moslem Brothers are only one component of the Egyptian society and they are surrounded by many other parties from Al-Wafd to coptic Christians. Plus, when did you hear them talking last ?? They have their ideology like everyone elkse, like communists, environmentalists, and socialists. Most important is they believe in democracy and playing by thr rules.

    Why is it that extremist Jewish parties are OK and Islamist parties are not accptable. Don't tell me about murder and terrosim because the Jewsih Israeli parties are most blood thristy parties in the world, except they are not sucking YOUR blood, not destorying YOUR farms , and not building settlement on YOUR land. And more importantly, if you critcize them , you are anti-semitic.

    Imagine you go one night to vist friends, you come back home to find several gun barrels directed towards you through the windows and someone telling you that the house is not yours anymore !!!!! What do you call these ?? Zombies ?? They are very religious zombies who belive the land is theirs and God has granted them the riught to kill anyone who reists them.

    Even in the US which 'separates' state from church. Christains are playing politics... And some have abused and misused the bible for politicial gains. So, why is it the Moslem parties alone who are forbidden from politics ??

    Back to Egypt
    It amazes me that Americans just echo what Tel Aviv broadcasts. If I had to worry about Islamic extremists , it isn't the Moslem Brothers !!!! I would worry about the (Moslem Group = Jamaat Islamyyah ) which are like the Timothy McVeighs of Egypt. They re-surfaced lately and want to join the new society !!! They claim to have been born again as 'peaceful' group. They are the ones that plannd the assasination of Sadat and terrorized Egyptains in the past, and they worry me big time.

    Having said that , I agree with the other parts (especially the political analysis ) of the article, however .. this part is hillarious

    Helping and aiding ???

    Listen guys , we are suffering from the Gaddafi syndrom and some local blogs are expressing sorrow to lose Gaddafi as a funny guy who almost killed us laughing. One of the jokes going round here is ( Gaddafi has kiled thousands of Lybians by bullets and has killed millions of Arabs by his - extremely funny - speeches). Another joke say ( We lost Adel Imam but we got Gaddafi ) Adel Imam is a comedian who angered Egyptains by supporting Mobarak and ridiculing the protestors. ...

    Now, don't you guys form a Gaddafi support group with such ( ..... ) statements about Obama helping the MB.
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    Sinbad says...The west is so obsessed with so-called islamists ...just makes me wonder if they are sorry to lose those dictators like Mobarak and Bin Ali.

    No Sinbad, the neo-cons and military-industrial complex know another will take their places. They may even have chosen them already.:rolleyes:

    And when you get time, I'd really like your opinion of the views of this man, Lindsey Williams....can you watch the videos??


    Thanks very much...JJ
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    A true revolution in Saudi Arabia would be the beginning of the end for the US. Any new regime that aint so cozy with us as to rely on our military to invade their neighbor to remove the dictator who may just want to remove the Sauds from power may just want to cut off our oil. Or debt.

    Why do China and Saudi Arabia continue to loan us money, knowing full well we cannot continue to pay it?