Obama Reveals Plans For Preventive Incarceration

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by watchman220, May 16, 2010.

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    You don't want the Terrorists to win do you? ;)

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    I'm all for it. Great idea. Lock em down and throw away the key. Hopefully they won't just run their operations from prison like the Mexican drug gangs do.
  4. watchman220

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    Nope...sure don;t...

    But I am worried about who the out of control administration will consider to be "enemy combatants" or a "threat to American Citizens"....
    Lately they have been targeting the while male and christians.

    Any dissent will be silenced. Sounds eerily like how things went down in Nazi Germany.

    By they way I did find out this video is 1 year old..
    BUT STILL...I never knew this was said.
    I am not happy. AT ALL.
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    Damn there goes my blood pressure...

    well, you have to give it to Mr. Obama, he sure has a very strong grasp of Orwell's double-speak.

    sigh, and yet he is still so liked in the US and the world over...

  7. mosquitomountainman

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    While a part of me likes the idea of incarcerating terrorists and throwing away the key I worry about the definition of "terrorist." Especially what's being called "domestic" terrorism. (Not to mention his eagerness to incarcerate those who "might" be dangerous.)

    Our Bill of Rights and Constitution were designed to protect us from the government and the "majority." They knew full well that the majority could be every bit as tyrannical as a dictator. Powerful friends can also become powerful enemies and few people have as much loyalty as the family dog. The American Indians learned this the hard way. The administration that prtrays itself as your "friend or protector" can very easily become your worst nightmare. I didn't like or trust Homeland Security when Bush was in office. I like/trust it even less with Obama.

    You do have to wonder if Odummy really believes that his system is better than Bush's or if inside he's feeling kind of foolish.