Obama "ending the war" in Iraq

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    Anyone seen this?


    He's claiming we'll be out of Iraq by the end of August. Except we'll be leaving 50 thousand behind. And our "combat role" has been over for ages. It's been glorified occupational forces for years and years now.

    So what's he doing? That's right, he's cutting down the size of the occupational force to 50K. You know what that will do? Put the lives of those 50K in more danger then they had been before. Look, it's simple. There are two ways out of the "war" in Iraq, due to the eastern mindset. You know what those options are?

    1) Get out completely. Leave. ACTUALLY leave, not just lower the troop number which in turn makes them more vulnerable.

    2) Roll completely over them and completely assume ownership of Iraq. Colonize it. Anyone who resists? Hit them with such force that the resistors are dead and so much collateral damage is caused that people are terrified to resist.

    I support option 1. Heavily. It needed to be done oh... two days after we started it. Why the hell are we attacking Iraq over something Saudi Arabia did anyway? They're not even the same kind of Muslim. They hate one another MORE than they hate western society. It was a flawed action from the beginning. It's like attacking Jewish folks because Nazis attacked you.

    But you know what? I'd even support option 2 over Obama's current plan. This is going to look like a retreat and the guerilla forces will know they just have to keep pushing and killing our troops and we'll eventually leave them entirely alone. Obama's plan results in Option 1 happening.. but it kills a lot of troops who will then be replenished to bring up to the insufficient force strength number; who will then die and be replaced and so on until we finally LEAVE.

    I'm mostly liberal, on many many MANY topics... but I can't stand the clueless buffoon we have in office. He makes Bush look like an elder statesman with considered and well thought out opinions.
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    just so you know... he (Obama) isn't really incharge of anything, the military will do what ever the hell it damn well pleases, when and where it wants to and any oposition to that will be met with only piles and piles of "data" (sketchy and not at all acurate) suggesting that they should be aloud and commended for doing whatever the hell they want, when and where ever they please. get used to it. the dogs of war were released and won't be coming home, ever. (oh and incase you don't know history, this has been going on since 1947. Its quite out of the president's hands and has a well established precident for being completely acceptable and even useful)

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    He is a puppet for the money men. The war has made trillions for a slect few. I hate to see our troops used as pawns in the world stage of politics, its not right to send them over there to not win but to be middle east police. We have been drawn into a war not of our choosing we have no way of winning, except with total wipe out. Not the hearts and mind crap. We should have made Bagdad a big black smokin hole and said next. When you attack us on our soil, a message of total intolerance should have been sent from the start.
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    I agree with TPR, we should get out of Iraq or do something real if we're going to stay.

    Puppet or not, he does have SOME power or he wouldn't have over-ridden America as much as he has, against the will of the people. I find it hard to believe he doesn't have some sway with the military. He'd be out with his clown mask and enclave of dems being real loud about the whole thing until we DID pull out of Iraq.

    What I'm wondering is...what's happened with the medical team being killed in Afghanistan? It's dropped from the news, and it was an outrageous thing. The Taliban openly reported that they did it.

    Where is the outrage?
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    They ain't never pullin outa Iraq, To much money ta be made there, same with Afghanistan, be there fer a long time.

    Boys on his way over ta Afghanistan now, I'd hate ta be out in front a him, he be mighty good with his tools. Oh, an currently he has no sense of humor!
  6. gypsysue

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    Oldcoot, I forgot your boy was shipping out to go over there. Next time you talk to him...tell him "THANK YOU" for serving! We'll be praying for his safety from out here in our church of the mountains and pine trees, maybe even while "slinging lead".
  7. townparkradio

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    They didn't. Someone else did. Iraq's Muslims are the OTHER kind. And, sickeningly enough, the actions we've performed in Iraq have enabled the ones that DID attack us on our own soil to gain a foothold in Iraq.

    The ONLY thing we have achieved in Iraq, aside from oil money, is to give extra power TO those who attacked us. Removing Saddam Hussein literally _helped_ Osama Bin Laden's people.