Obama appointed two devout Muslims to homeland security posts.

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    I think I don't like this... time will tell...IF we survive to find out...

    Double-checked on Snopes. True

    Feel Safer with Obama at the helm?

    Here They Come...this will make your day!

    Kareem Shora Arif Alikhan

    Well, boys and girls, today the fox is guarding the hen house. The wolves will be herding the sheep!

    Obama appointed two devout Muslims to homeland security posts.

    Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

    NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant...?
    Just wondering.

    Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions? Doesn't this make you feel safer already?? That should make our home land much safer, huh!?

    Was it not "Devout Muslim men" that flew planes into U.S. buildings 9 years ago? Was it not a Devout Muslim who killed 13 at Fort Hood ?
    Please forward this important information to any who cares about the future of our Country.

    Checked this on Snopes.com and its TRUE!
    See snopes.com: Muslims Appointed to Department of Homeland Security?
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    In the US being "devoutly religious" is viewed as a liability by the Left. Unless, of course, you happen to be a devout muslim. In that case you have Owebama's and the Left's blessing.

    Is it 2012 yet?

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    Oxymoron: Can a devout Muslim be an American patriot and loyal citizen?

    1)Theologically, no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia, turned monothistic.

    2)Scripturally, no. Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Quran.

    3)Geographically, no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

    4)Socially, no. Because his allegiance to Islam demands that he make no friends of Christians and Jews (Q. 5:51)

    5)Politically, no. Because he must submit to the mullah, who teaches annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great Satan.

    6)Domestically, no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Q. 4:34).

    7)Religiously, no. Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah except Islam—intolerance (Q. 2:256).

    8)Intellectually, no. Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is established on Biblical principles, and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

    9)Philosophically, no. Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is dictatorial or autocratic except Turkey.

    10)Spiritually, no. Because when we declare "one nation under God," the Christian’s God is a triune God, while the Muslim’s is one entity called "Allah," who is never a heavenly Father, nor is he ever called "Love" in the 99 excellent names.

    By Anis Shorrosh, a former Muslim turned to Christ
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    Good Luck my American Brothers and Sisters .......... :dunno:
    Another good reason to be prepping scary crap out there?
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    And... the hits just keep on coming... :2thumb:


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    Gettin ta be so there ain't enough corks ta plug all the holes in this here boat! Sorta like the Titanic eh?!
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    its going to hell in hand basket boys and girls!
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    Hey ... do you know if you do a search on this subject we come in at #10?

    Did you also know that one of the guys ... (sorry can't remember which one) has severed both parties (bush was the last one ... that I found) ... or does that matter...

    And thanks to roadrash and his post ... I was thinking about what he posted while I was reading about them taking their oath to the office... but I must be honest ... I'm not sure what the oath to homeland security says ...

    Or again does that matter?

    I guess my question would be ... do you think a Muslim can serve the usa in a good way?

    Or are we screwed ...
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    A devout Muslim cannot serve the government of the infidels. Somehow, I doubt these guys are actually devout Muslims any more than BO is a devout Christian...
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    Andi the oath of office is the same for everybody except for instance the Presidents oath mentions the office as do many others but all include the part about the Constitution and all enemies etc etc... so generally speaking..most politicians are lying before they finish getting sworn in.. Most as soon as they say "So help me God" drop their *** into their chair and propose some law that violates the oath they just took..

    I've taken the oath six times in my life.. and it never changed .. AND!! nobody ever said I was released from that oath.. SO.. All enemies foreign AND Domestic are still viable targets.. with the Domestic ones becoming a "target rich Environment " ..in time of course..

    As Claire Wolff said.." It's to late to work within the system and too early to start shooting the Bastards"..
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    And Obama gives us the finger one more time.
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    Forgive me guys but those were maniacs NOT devout muslims.
    YOU are lucky that you can state a date where a crime has been committed against you ....
    WE cannot state any date ... because this same al-qaeda have been killing us ( MULSIMS) each day, each week, each month.

    Problem is: Fox news is very selective on what they broadcast, or shall I say Hypocritic. In my opinion, FWIW, Fox cares about Israel, then USA .. in that order. In my opinion FWIW, Fox is happy that 911 crime has happened 'cause it helps fulfill their gaenda. And FWIW, we MULSIMS know that who trained and supported Bin Laden criminals is someone (REPUBLICAN) in the White House, Washington DC.

    You have priority on checking sitaution of your soldiers in Iraq, that is OK, but FWIW, just check news from Iraq last few weeks and see how many IRAQIS were killed by Al-Qaeda. These were killed BECAUSE they were "devout Muslims" visiting and worshiping at their shrines. Nothing else.

    So, when you see someone in the Middle East who hates America, it is NOT because "they hate your freedom" as Bush said , it is because USA has supported two monsters and let them loose in our neighborhood, Israel and Al-Qaeda.

    Thank you

    Sinbad ,
    a devout Muslim
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    Let me add about "hating the US"

    I don't hate the U.S. , simply because i know what is going on. I know that the average John and Jane are just trying to live their lives ( like most of us ) , and it is the powers that be that are playing with everyone's brains .

    A forum member here has signautre that says something like ( I cant do anything for you cause Al-qaeda used Islam to comit its crime ) something like this ...

    Well, FWIW, I don't think most Americans will or want to help any Muslims no matter what . Rachel Corey ( an American activist ) died under tracks of an Israeli bulldozer trying to defend a Palestinan home, and most Americans went silent. Even her father was almost shy when he spoke, as if she has committed treason. Why ? because Ameircans are mostly NOT free to say a thing when it comes to Israel.

    I understand that , and do not hate any American

    Add to that , the financial meltdown has drained much of your money towards the pockets of big "sheikhs" of America (banks and big conglomerates) and you couldn't do anything about it. So, if you couldn't save YOUR money from those guys up there, us Muslims should have no dreams of any average John or Jane "doing" anything even if we spent the rest of our lives cursing Al-Qaeda.

    And FYI, we ARE cursing Al-Qaeda and those who created it. But JWBush lied to you.
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    Thank you for your perspective.
    I'll probably get flamed for this but I also believe that most people feel this way. We are conditioned by TPTB to hate who they tell us to hate. One only needs to look back to 1942 when anyone of Japanese decent was rounded up and placed in camps. Yes there were a few that supported Japan's actions but for the most part they were average people caught up in the propaganda machine.
    There are radicals from all walks of life that would rather kill you than look at you if you don't subscribe to their way of thinking.
  15. mosquitomountainman

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    Not trying to flame you but the reality is that too many muslims cheered when the WTC went up in flames. If you all really are cursing AlQaeda then you need to do it louder and longer. When I see moslems on forums denouncing the atrocities of AQ in the same way that Christians denounce our brands of bigots like Fred Phelps and his "church" that protest at funerals for fallen American soldiers THEN I might develop some trust and even concern for moslems.

    It would also help if there were more muslims weeding out the radical element of thir faith both here and abroad. The Mosque near the WTC site is another public relations problem for unity. Perhaps more muslims should be sensitive to the feelings of Americans and push to have it moved to a more discreet location.

    Finally, if muslims sincerely want to get along in this world they'd better back off on the threats and acts of violence against anyone who "disrespects" their religion. IF its only a radical minority making the fuss then the rational majority needs to speak up ... loud and long ... to the rest of the world and weed these threats to liberty out of the world forever.

    The reason muslims are hated as a whole is that even if they don't participate in the actions of the radicals they certainly seem to approve of them. That needs to change in a big way.

    If you love our country and it's truly your country then our enemies are your enemies as well.
  16. The_Blob

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    :scratch do I dare confront the dreaded 'straw man'?... after all, he is easily replaceable by millions of his brethren... all armed with the same proportions of "rhetoric to sense" as the 'greatest of statesmen'

    just ONE example, for now...

    On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly approved a plan to resolve the Arab-Jewish conflict by partitioning Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab...

    yeah, sounds like BUSH did that :rolleyes:

    Black Hand, Qassamiyun, PLO, PLF, PFLP, ANG, Black September, Al-Jihad, Islamic Jihad, Egyptian Jihad, Jihad Group, LTTE... sound familiar?

    hmmm, a LOT of orgs founded in 'the Carter years'... :scratch how could THAT be?!!?!!?? he was SUCH a 'peacemaker' :rolleyes:

    When people finally accurately describe the 'Jimmy Carter years', they will be forced to conclude that Carter was probably the worst President in the USA's history (so far, and yes, I am including Woodrow Wilson and Richard Nixon). Those of you old enough to remember Carter’s four dismal years in the White House should recall that it was Carter who withdrew American support for the pro-Western Shah of Iran for his (STILL unconfirmed 35 years later) “human rights” violations. As a result of Carter’s withdrawal of support from the Shah, the then pro-Western nation fell into the hands of the radical Islamist Ayatollah Khomeini, who then murdered more than 30,000 pro-Western Iranians by firing squad (I'm trying to find out how many Democrats GW Bush had executed here in the US... anybody have those numbers? no?... damn :rolleyes: ). Iran became a stronghold for Extremists and destabilized the entire Middle East, which was barely starting to calm down from the 1948 Arab-Israeli War 30 years earlier.

    One of Khomeini’s minions at the time is now the current President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In 1979, Ahmadinejad was a rabid college student who helped organize the storming of the American Embassy on November 4. He was joined in this attack by 400 Iranians wielding sticks, knives, and chains. They invaded the embassy in Tehran and held the embassy personnel until January 20th, 1981 :)scratch anybody know why?... hint: somebody got sworn into office on that day) . Ahmadinejad served as a liaison between the hostage-takers and Ali Khamenei, who currently serves as Iran’s Supreme Spiritual Leader.

    By subverting the pro-Western Shah, Jimmy Carter gave us Islamic radicalism in Iran – and a dangerous nuclear threat. Within a year after Khomeini seized power in Iran, it was at war with Iraq (NOT the USA). More than 500,000 people died in that war. These people died because of Carter’s personal weakness, his incompetence, and his outright subversion of the Shah.

    The USSR recognized Carter's weakness and unwillingness to make any form of stand, and invaded Afghanistan. In an attempt to protect the Afghans from Soviet oppression, America half-assed helped the Mullahs fight back. One of those Muslim leaders was Osama Bin Laden. Carter can be (unknowingly(?))linked to the empowerment of Bin Laden in Afghanistan, the empowerment of the localized Taliban and the spread Al Qaeda.





    eff it, just another conversation I've had a thousand times
  17. sinbad

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    Thank you for your comments

    Uncle Joe, most Americans do not know how much "indirect support" they are losing for supporting Israel. In Saudi Arabi afor example business partnerships with western companies produced the Saudi American Bank, Saudi British Bank, Saudi French Bank m Saudi Holland Bank ...etc. The first two banks have changed their names a few years back to SAMBA and SABB 'cause they didnt feel safe carrying American and British names. Other WESTERN business establishments are STILL running and profitting. Enough said.

    It just makes me sad that Americans do not know how far their politicians have gone and burnt bridges with other nations. And it makes me very sad that average Americans still trust what these politiicans tell them although they see what a messy job they are doing domestically.
  18. sinbad

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    OK, there is more than one BILLION Muslims in the world. Actually, 1.5 Billion by our count. Care to tell me how many Muslims cheered ???

    I saw it myself in TV, the camera zoomed on about a dozen dancing while there were other dozens just watching.

    We are NOT going to transalte our denounciation of Al-Qaeda into English just for a few people to read it and shrug. We are doing it in Arabic EVERYDAY in our local newspapers, because WE are hurt by them. and we do not really believe it would make any difference if we translate anything because we are sure that nothing matters in the U.S. , not even the melting American eceonomy, the only thing that matters is upporting Israel. Period.

    I don't even think you would, no matter what we do. I RESPECTFULLY say so. Not because I think you are bad or insensitive, but because I know how effective your media is in brainbwashing everyone. Take for example a website I saw once called MEMRI. It periodically translates some Arabic articles and publishes them for congresspeople ..etc. Now as it happens in teh U.S. , you have bigots ..etc. Guess which articles they do translate huh ???? only the ones they see fit to keep a flame of hatred and mistrust going on. If they see any "good" article, they give it a blind eye .

    Suppose after Catrina, there was a gfew Muslims who "danced" and announced it was Allah wrath that distroyed that American city ... OK ??? MEMRI an dlike wise establishments will rush to translate these and fan your feelings that these Muslims hates us so much and deserve what happens to them . OK. The question is ... those same radicall bigots said the same thing about JEDDAH ( a Saudi city very close to Mecca ) which was flooded a few years back. Thsoe bigots said it was flooded because ( its people are sinful ) and these were flamed in our local papers.

    My question is : Does your "neutral" media rush to append what they translated earlier and make it clear to the American public that these fools are nothing but a tape recorder with no brain that keeps repeating the same halucination about God punishment regardless of who is the vitim ??? I think not. They will sweep it under the rug and hope no one on America Main street takes notice.

    We have bigots and YOU have bigots. That is the way it is .
    But for a "free" world, your media sure knows how to cheat and lie to you and keep you in the dark. We ( Arabs ) are no better by any means and it was a huge mistake of our leaders not to establish some media in the U.S. to make some balance of some sort.

    Please answer me honestly
    HOW do you weed out anyone.
    The average Mushammad is like the average Joe and Jane. We live day to day going to work and supporting our families. If governments cannot do the job how can we , individuals do it.

    I heard over the AFRTS radio that the FBI or some other establishment praises the Saudi Intellegence for helping against terrorism and said they did a good job turning ex-Qaeda against their old comrades and telling info about them , and even helping others leave Al-Qaeda and come out in mainstream life.

    That is a govermnent scale thing ,and I for one am not going to ever get close enough to these guys and try anything foolish. We are suffering enough bloodshed.

    Some people are trying to cooperate with the government for example by reporting any "missing" youth in the family ( for fear he might have been brainwashed and sneaked into Iraq ). LIBERAL writers in our papers are continuously flaming the ultra-conservatives and keeping a focused eye on their every move. Other than that I cannot see anything the average person can do. So do you care to add any suggestions ???

    I agree with you on this one.
    Although I am not in the U.S. and do not know the details but I guess those who built it there may have a thought of being there just to show you there are moderate Muslims as well who love eveyone else. Maybe they want to put in the spotlight the fact that not every Muslim is a terrosists. Mayb they want people to come flame them and ask them , and from there start a dialogue to clear up misconceptions.

    Maybe that is their idea I don't know, but I agree with you that whatever their thoughts are they can achieve better results showing more care and sensitivity and even publishing a questionnaire before building that mosque in that area.

    Thank you
  19. armchair

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    I read it someplace,those muslim folk are peaceful.:rolleyes:

    So there's nothing to worry about.

    yea right