Now that the snow is melting

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    How did you do in this last blast of snow storms that gripped the mid west and north east and also the south?, probably everybody but Bunker Bob:D. Did you have to get into your preps? if so what? Was there something that you decided you need or should do for the next go around? Did anyone bug out (other than me) or did you bug in? How did that go? Did you have to rely on a back up system because a primary didn't work? ie. gennerator or wood burning fireplace. Did you loose power for any length of time? Will our nations birth rate go up :kiss: do to your need to stay warm?:congrat::D:eek::ignore: Did anything happen that will make you psycologically stronger for the next event that may happen? Please do tell.
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    We were basically alright. I posted a great big long thing detailing my week already so I'll keep this one short. I was able to go to work every day but Monday. My dad took the whole week off to dig snow and run generators and stuff. We were without power for a solid week but have a big generator so we did fine. We just ate our normal food. Due to limited power and a slight distrust of the genny's power running our electronics we did not do laundry or run the computer all week. Did dishes by hand (my preference anyway) but did have the TV. Mom, wife, and toddler son stayed in pretty much all week and other than a bit of cabin fever did pretty good. We did have the one hospital trip with my son that I wrote about but that was the only really bad thing that happened all week.

    How was your trip to Florida?