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    Is anyone interested in a true homestead property that is off the grid and is completely self-contained? I have some new friends that are being called to minister and... well, this home they are selling for $349k is unique in too many ways to list. I just wanted to know if there are any serious minded people who know what they would be looking at.... who happen to need a perm homestead location.
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    Ouch, that's kind of pricey. I hope it comes with a lot of land or something! Even here in Montana I could point people to homestead properties also set up off-grid and ready to go, for about half that price, with 20 acres.

    IMO, a large piece of property might provide a buffer but you're also paying taxes on a lot of land you might never use. If the land is bordered on at least one side by National Forest, you've got more space, even if you can't use it for much more than hunting and foraging right now. (Not that the land FOB is talking about is any particular size. This is a separate observation).

    FOB, I hope they find a buyer. Being called to minister is a worthy thing. Best wishes to them.
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    I thought that tax assessments on non-agricultural properties were based on building(s) & the 1st 10 acres only?...
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    Here in Montana, on a property 20 acres or larger, you get taxed for a "1-acre homestead" which includes all your buildings. The remaining 19 are taxed (in our case) as agricultural/forest land.

    At this point in time we're only using about 2 of our acres, though it's nice to have the rest for walking around on.

    If I had 100 acres or (quite possible in Montana) 1,000 acres or more, I'd be paying tax on a lot of land I'd never use. Sure, it's not a high rate, but it would be a few times what I'm paying now.

    We still have some of the cheapest property taxes I've come across in the nation, so it's not a make-or-break deal.
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    Gypsysue, Hope you can help. I'm here in SE Iowa, a farmer all my life, looking to get out of this rat race, wanting to find an old abandoned/nothing fancy cabin, one I can repair in Montana. I don't need much: water source, place for few chickens, garden if possible. Read so many blogs, real estate agent ads etc. Do you have any suggestions? Want to turn farm operation over to son this year, let new blood take over the battle.
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    Which part of Montana are you interested in? The western third of Montana is mountains and forest. The eastern two-thirds is mainly prairie, which is actually quite hilly with ravines, and small Islands of mountains. The western part is pricier than the rest of the state. It depends what escaping the rat-race means to you!

    We're in the NW part of the state, west of about 50 miles. People moving here from California and Seattle have driven up prices, but they've come down a lot in the current housing market. It's definately a buyer's market right now. Some places have dropped by 50% in the last year and are still up for sale.

    I know of places that are outstanding deals for the current market, but are still sadly over-priced for what they would have cost 10 years ago. I suspect it's still higher than Iowa, so there might be some sticker shock.

    Let me know which part of Montana you're interested in and I can give you an idea what you'd be looking at.