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  1. GatorDude

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    I was reading about some of the bugout bag setups and was struck by this thought: Maybe military gear and weapons should be seperate from day-to-day items. Most evacuations are to a Red Cross shelter or hotel due to temporary situations rather than civilization-ending events. Seems a tad excessive to bring the FN FAL to Holiday Inn. Motel 6 might be a different matter. :sssh:
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  2. mrghostwalker

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    Good point, Gator- bug-out gear should be tailored to the situation. I would bet that if you were relocating to a FEMA site you would find that they would not let you walk around the place with weapons.

  3. BillM

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    I wouldn't

    I wouldn't tell FEMA I had a weapon !:sssh:
  4. TrackerRat

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    BOB typically means spur of the moment run, most other scenarios would allow a suitcase pack n go.
  5. jnrdesertrats

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    I think most of us plan to anywhere but a Gov run sheeple camp or at least that is my plan.
  6. goodoleboy8205

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    Amen! I would be trying to avoid the mess not running to it.
  7. vn6869

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    That seems to be the general consensus. Stay as for as the sheeple gathering points as possible.

    I would like to add a comment - not to steal the thread - but one thing about those military BOB is they (yep, obvious) look TOO Military. Particularly if someone happens to see it in your vehicle, etc. They may get the idea you're a militia member - or worse a dang nab it survivalist.

    I prefer the civilian versions for my auto get home gear. My weapon - should I have one - not saying I do or don't - would be secured in the vehicle until the situation dictates its removal.