No Blade of Grass? Sounds like that old book.

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    The first article is about the same premise of that old EOTWAWKI novel from years ago. The rust is speading rapidly around the globe and is about to move into India/Pakistan. The loss of the food supply there would cause more stess on what little stability they have, not good news there.
    There is also an artcle in the UK about how this colder than normal season is reducing crop yields world wide and how wheat and soybeans are affected.
    This is all part of why there was a shoot up in grain prices last year and will probably be one this year.
    Just the other day the Wall Street Journal had a story about how the chinese are on a commodity buying spree. Now they may just be getting ready for the mid-east crisis that looks like it's coming with $200 a barrel oil.
    I put these together to start a discussion and to see if others have noticed this and are planning to add a little more flour and wheat to their supplies.

    What do you think?

    Wheat Rust
    Crop yields
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    I would say yes. There is certainly no reason to think it will get any better.

    I probably sound like a broken record (not that many records left either), but there is a population bomb that must go off someday. Combine that with hybridized crops that require upkeep to remain hybrid, pesticides, fertilizers--recipe for disaster.

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    Every day more and more people are arriving on the planet and we do need a way to feed them. I love Capitalism, but I don't think it is the most effective way to take care of the needs of the earthly population when it comes to distribution of the daily needs of the population. A while back I was listening to Christian Programming on the radio and it was stated that we could feed the entire population with 10% of the farmland we now use around the world through more effective distribution of our resources. I don't remember the details but they had proposed a more effective distribution means through a biblical perspective that seemed to make sense to me. This forum isn't for indepth discussion of politics and religion so I will say no more. As for genetically altered foods, I am concerned about the long tern effects of chemicals and hormones on us. One positive side effect though is that the young ladies of this current genneration seem to have larger breasts, my 2 daughters included. I like that one:D
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    +1 on larger breasts. Oh to be a teenage boy today. I really did grow up in the wrong time period.
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    idk, guys, watching TMC makes me think that large breasts have been an AMERICAN staple for quite a while! :eek: :D ;)
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    To much water in some places and dry land in others...

    I don't know what to say but that I have been getting ready for the past eleven years for what is to come and with eight or nine years worth of food in stock and what I might need in PM for another 25 years.

    Think of 1929 and multiply that by 20 or 25 times and that's what it will be like in the near future........however........the economy is making a come back and everything will be just fine hahahahahahah, tune in tomorrow for another joke.

    "They only tell us what they want us to know or what they cannot longer hide"... Ponce
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    I agree with you Ponce, the sheeple are kept on a need to know basis. I watched the coverage of the Vietnam War on TV when I was a kid. We got a blow by blow of the action every night with a dead and wounded count, lots of gory footage. We saw the truth! Look at the coverage we get from Iraq today, the same old footage over and over! For some reason we cant even see the dead bodies arriving on the planes. An ancient thinker once said that a democracy as a form of government could not last because the citizens would realize they had power of the purse strings and spend themselves into oblivion.:p I have a couple of mortgages that I'm planning on paying off with a bought of hyper inflation in the near future.:D The Republicans trippled our debt and now the democrats are on the way to trippling that. All they say to justify their action is to point at the repudlicans behavior. Next we are going to have some form of health care stuffed down our throats, I think I will take my hobbies of sky diving and scuba diving and make one of them my profession and get out of that one. Well enough ranting for now sometimes my dander just gets up.:mad:
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    That is the reason why I look to outside of the region's online newspapers for the real news. The stuff that I read in the papers here in Calgary is watered down compared to what I read from the Toronto papers - and those are watered down from what I read in the UK papers .. and so on and so forth. The further that you get from local news the easier it is to understand what is really going on in the world.

    They only tell us what they feel we should know so that we can make uninformed decisions and plans.
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    Hey I read that booK! Many years ago.....