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    For any of you folks that are in the central time zone or west of it, watch the first segment of Nightline on ABC. They talk to a militia group in Idaho without portraying them as screwball, gun-toting, nutcases. One of the Idaho gubernatorial candidates is a member. It's a good news piece.
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    Is it worth looking up to watch online? And not making them out to be nuts? That must be a first!

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    "Those who track militias say they all but disappeared over the last decade. The militias of the 1990s were inspired by the 1992 standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in which federal agents shot and killed the wife of white supremacist Randy Weaver; and by the government's 1993 raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, in which 67 people were killed, including 20 children." (Excerpt from the posted article.)

    This is just another reason to not trust the mainstream media. I read the posted article and first off, the death toll of Branch Davidians was 82, not 67. Second, Randy Weaver was not a "White Supremecist." (He lives not too far from us and has attended quite a number of local events. Like now, he just wanted to be left alone to live his life.) They also failed to point out that the first family member to be shot and killed by BATF agents sneaking around his property in camos with fully automatic weapons was Randy's son (shot in the back while fleeing after the BATF agents shot his dog). Randy's wife was killed by a bullet shot through the door by an FBI sniper. It was never determined whether the shot hitting her was accidental or intentional. The only charges Randy was convicted of was failing to appear in court. He probably could have beaten that if he'd kept his mouth shut. The summons gave the wrong court date but Randy said he wasn't going to attend it anyway.

    And "raid" on the Branch Davidian compound is a poor substitute for the massacre that occurred there. If it had happened to blacks, mexicans or any other group it would have been called what it actually was, a massacre. But, since it was perpetrated against white, Christians with somewhat odd beliefs it was called a "raid."

    It would appear that much of the "reporter's" background info was from organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center which is about as biased and left wing as an organization can be.

    If they can't even get the easy facts straight, how can you believe anything else they say? Two minutes on a Google search would have corrected most of the mis-information. Regardless of whether or not the intent was malicious the reporting is just plain inaccurate.
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    Saw that last night Uncle Joe, quite interesting.
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    Exactly. Randy Weaver was not a white supremist. His family weren't white supremists. They weren't even really a militia in the conventional sense. It was just him and his family.

    But idiots like those in the Niteline article make me ashamed of living in Northern Idaho. Who would follow a guy with absolutely no military experience, who dresses in way too much camo, and calls himself Major? Come on. Whenever I see guys like that, I just want to kick them in the balls with my steel toe work boots. Them, and those traitorous skinhead r.tards.

    Stop playing soldier. Obviously you don't know what you are doing. Just because you buy a bunch of camoflage accessories off the internet does not make you qualified to call yourself an officer in the army of crazyland.
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    @mosquitomountainman I think there is a lot of confusion about the Waco Seige as wikipedia says it was 76, the article in question actually says it was 80, and your quote of the article says 67

    I think the confusion might stem from the fact that 6 Davidians were killed pre-seige, and 76 post seige, and that would make your affirmation of 82 correct. Plus the 76/67 is an easy mistake of transposition.

    In the end I think the correct assessment would be "too many in a free society"
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    I just checked the article again and it says "80." I'd have sworn it said 67. I'm not sure where that number came from now. I spent some time reading the comments as well. Some of the milita members responded to the article and the comments that followed it.

    If anyone is interested in more info on the Waco Massacre here is a link to check out. The article is long but interesting and pretty well balanced. The BATF and FBI both came out looking pretty bad. Some very key evidence that would have answered "who fired first" was "lost" before the trial plus the fact that the ATF immediately bull-dozed what was left of the compound. The debate about whether they owned fifty-cal. weapons is interesting also. It isn't difficult to see why the government is not to be trusted and to take anything they say with a bit of skepticism.
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