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    I will not disclose my job as it is not necessary. I am a Patriot and I believe in what America stands for. I am old school and traditional. so to help protect my fellow hard working Americans I will give some info that I know from time to time to help protect you and your families. No matter what happens Americans will rise again no matter how bad things get. Its our nature.

    Take this for what its worth. I do not know intentions or future plans. Recently agencies in the Denver area have begun to equip all officers with riot gear. Some of these agencies had special officers called to riots before but now it has become an agency wide policy. This could mean nothing or it could be the beginning stages of preparation. Is the government on the defense or offense?? I dont know. Im just helping keep you all aware.

    This could be happening all over the country.
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    Thanks ...

    Right now in our area agencies are looking more into gangs. They are getting thick here ... :gaah:

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    Our police have had riot gear for years. And not just the normal gear. we're talking water cannons, tanks, tanks capable of tasering several people at once as well as spraying pepper spray and the like. They have clubs, guns, tasers, bean bag rounds, rubber bullets, real bullets, etc. They are armed to the teeth.
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    Yeah some of the departments carry all that aswell. The concern here is the buildup. I think of mass riots as the dollar crumbles and food shortages occur. Maybe the Gov is getting ready aswell.
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    My brother recently went to colorado to visit family. While using the amtrak there a friend of his noticed two armed men standing at end of car. She asked them if something had happened and why they were in so much gear. My brother said they replied by treating as hostile and litterally held her til the train made its next stop and escorted her off. 23 yr old female who was concerned. Seems like a normal response right?