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Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by gypsysue, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. gypsysue

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    Found this AP article looking back at me first thing when I booted up my computer today:

    Poll: Many Obama 2008 supporters defecting to GOP - Yahoo! News

    Maybe all is not lost for the elections, despite the people who still support him and his party. I just hope those we get elected make some real improvements for the PEOPLE, not just for businesses and special interests.

    Amusing, too, the poses they get Obummer in:

    :lolsmash: :lolsmash:
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  2. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    The picture I posted above was the original picture from the news story. I see now, a couple hours later, they've changed the picture to a "nicer" one atop the story! rotfl!
    I'm glad I had the presense of mind to save the original picture to my computer right away!

  3. Elinor0987

    Elinor0987 Supporting Member

    He looks like one of the zombies out of a George Romero film.
  4. horseman09

    horseman09 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the article, Gypsie.

    ObaMaoists running out on ObaMao like rats from a burning barn. Hmmm. I think "rats" was a pretty appropriate term, don't you? :D
  5. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    I was thinking demonic possession out of Supernatural. LOL
  6. HozayBuck

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    I think it's demeaning to Rats !!... roach's maybe a better description..running from the light of day!..

    We went to the re store yesterday , the LoM and i.. looking for a good used throne for my cabin... found one with a rainbow swoosh on it... one of the guys carrying it out was a black man and I for some reason said I was going to replace it with a picture of "Nancy".. the Black guy looked right at me and said .. Shes gone man.. she's getting the ax next month! I was surprised , then he said ."And I'm betting in two years we get rid of that damn Obama!"... I asked him if he thought so, he said God I hope so before he ruins this country!... so ya know, not every person of Color is in his camp!... God I hope so too !!
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  7. jungatheart

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    I always wondered what it would be like to watch someone go crazy. Looks like I'll get my chance and on national TV too.
  8. thunderdan19

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    I think a whole lot of folks (whether driven by white guilt or whatever) gave our president the benefit of the doubt, voted for him hoping for the best and are now extremely disappointed by his performance and by that of his party's control of the wildly unpopular congress. Let's see if we have actually learned anything from all this come November '10 and '12.