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Well sorry ta hear that darlin, mines progressin along nicely, wen't from one pill to 4 different ones a day an then added insulin ta the mix to. Simply the way the stuff progress's.

We still stock pasta, beans, sugar cause the time may come when a shorter life from the diabeatis is gonna be a longer life then dyin from the situation. Simply will try to eat as best I can with what I got.

Now that bein said, I store lots a vegetables, fruits an beans. Yes, we can a fair amount a our own meats to. Plus the stored sugar an salt. Some a this can be used fer barter goods to.

I keep a resonable amount of extra meds an such on hand, hopin that whatever the disaster that comes is resonably short an then get back ta the real world again. But, if it's a long term disaster, gonna run outa meds sooner er later, so then will be workin harder survivin, an usin some herbs ta help the sugars out. The herb part be what I'm workin on now, see what ones are needed an how ta keep em on hand an what ones can be grown round here.

This effects differrent folks in different ways, it will take a bit of time to find your path, but ya will. One thing, some meds will make ya gain wieght (like all of em I'm on!:eek: Hey doc, thanks fer the help!:surrender:) so watch that to.

The more ya can do now ta keep it under control the longer before it progess's inta the next stage. Each stage stinks a little worse then the last one! I'm tired a feelin like a pin cushion, an after I take all the pill's I need in the mornin, I gotta be carefull er I'll rattle!

Good luck!
Rev. Coot
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