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I am NOT a health care professional or a diabetic. Check with your doctor before you do/try anything. Disclaimer done!

Have you checked in to the Insulin Resistant diet? Google "IR Diet". A lot of pre-diabetic and PCOS (check out the site soulcysters) women have had great success with it. You can still have carbs, but not the "refined" processed stuff. You use whole wheat, brown rice instead of the processed stuff. I have not looked in to it a lot on my own, but it appears that when you have a carb you pair it with a protein to balance them out somehow. Just something to think about/research.

I am storing dried blueberry leaves for tea for my nephew (in case of SHTF), he has Type 1 diabetes. From what I have found, 1 cup of tea is equal to one unit of insulin.

Hopefully you can get this under control before it becomes worse. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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