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    Hello, I found this forum in a roundabout way through the survivalblog. I've read through the threads for about an hour and it appears to be a friendly site to share information without so much emphasis on your arsenal. Although protection can't be ignored, there is a lot more to preparedness than guns. And yes, we have several.
    We got the preparedness bug in Jan. 08 when we went to the grocery store and I noticed some of the packaging had shrunk but the price hadn't. I decided that night that we were going to need a BIG garden. We've always grown a few tomatoes and peppers but this year was different. I tilled up 2 - 2200 sf plots and grew lots of stuff. I learned how to can and we put up about 100 qts of "stuff". We bought 2 dehydrators and dried apples, peaches, and pears when they came in season.
    In June we got 9 chickens from a friend who was overrun. Along with the birds we also have 5 horses, 4 donkeys, 2 mules, 4 goats (3 more coming in a couple weeks), 5 dogs, and 3 barn cats. 2 of the new goats are nanny's and one is pregnant so I may cry out for help to other goat owners in the spring. We plan on milking when the kid(s) are done and then move on to cheese making. Meat will come from hunting and the goats. We hope to only make one trip to the store in Dec. and then make it through the winter. This is our grand experiment. Wish us luck.
    Anyway, I hope to make a few friends here to share and gleen information.

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    Welcome to the fire. It sounds like you're already in a better preparation position than most of us.

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    In case you didn't know, those nannys OFTEN have twins. I have had 2 nannys kid here on my place. Both gave birth to twins although the second lost one at 2 days old.
    We havent milked yet. The ones we have now are on the wild side, although they are letting me get closer when I feed them. I want to milk, DH doesn't see why :rolleyes: If you aren't going to have the milk, then why are we feeding them? It isn't like he even plans on using them for meat. He wants them to eat the brush around our place so he won't have to care for it. But we can't turn them loose because the place isn't fenced yet, so we have to stake them and move them .

    Sorry, I was getting ready to go off there, and I better stop :mad:

    Welcome to the forum. I have picked up lots of knowledge here, and I know you will too.
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    Thanks for the welcome everyone.
    Wildman, not as prepared as would like to be. Still dependent on the grid except for water. We can hand pump our well for that. It's an old hand dug, stone walled artesian that's only about 18' deep.
    CVORN, I have heard that twins are somewhat common in goats. Like you, we got a few goats to help keep down the brush that the horses don't eat. We already had fencing in place for the horses but the goats go right through it. It's 3 strand electric but they don't seem to care. They just climb right through. Gotta work on that. And like your DH, my DW doesn't want to get involved in milking because it requires such a commitment of time. She only gave in because I said I would take care of it. I did all the canning and drying this year because she thought it was just a phase I was going through, but with the economy in the shape it's in and the price of food going up every week, I just feel that we need to became as self reliant as we can. With goats, chickens, and a large garden we'll be well on our way.
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    Welcome UncleJoe.........................just looked at your pics, what part of the world are you?

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    Thanks Bearman. We're on 12 acres in central Pa. about 20 mi. from the state capitol. I'll have to go in and put that in the space provided. We're closer to civilization than I would like, but the logistics involved in moving all these animals long distance is rather overwhelming, so we'll just stay put. Besides that, our families are in the area and if things continue the downhill slide it's good to be close to them. :)
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    Nice to meet you, Uncle Joe. VK
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    We are practically neighbors UncleJoe.... I sent you a Private Message....
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    welcome UncleJoe, I actually HAVE an Uncle Joe :D

    how far are you from Kinzua? I have some property & family there.
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    welcome Joe, I am a newbie as of today myself. seems like a decent group here for the most part.
    I live in southern Delaware, but love coming up to your neck of the woods, at least 2-3 times a year, love that Amish food, lol. I suspect you have people around you that would pull together nicely in troubled times.
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    The Blob - That's about 5 hrs from us. It's only about 2 1/2 hrs from my parents in Williamsport. Great country up that way. I hunted in Potter Co. when I lived with my folks. Too far to go now.

    LFOD - We don't have any Amish in our area that I know of. Most of the Amish communities are 40 or so miles east in Lancaster or 50 miles to the NW in Perry and Juniata Co. Yes. I am just now beginning to "feel out" a couple of the closer neighbors. Right now there is one other couple we feel comfortable with.
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    Welcome aboard!!! I'm Dave, Greetings from Kentucky. This is what I look like.[​IMG]