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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Safari 7, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I'm an internet retailer, cutting horse trainer and outdoorsman from rural Colorado. Our website uses Twitter and that's how I found this place (hey - Twitter is good for something after all!). We sell lots and lots of emergency medical and preparedness items, and thought there might be some interested parties here. Didn't want to start by posting links and overtly pimping the site, but also don't want to pretend that's not part of my agenda! If anyone has advice about posting links - where they are welcome (if at all) and what kind of items are of most interest to members, I'll get some discounts in place and hopefully can serve as a good resource.

    Meanwhile ... a lot of good reading to be done here!

    Thanks, all.
  2. NaeKid

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    Well - do some reading of the posts, and, if you have a product that might be beneficial to a member, you can let them know in such a way that it doesn't look like you are pimping your wares.

    I am working on another level of membership for vendors, but, at this time I don't have everything setup properly.

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    Welcome, look forward to your input and participation in maybe not the biggest but one of the best forums.
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    Welcpme. Send me a PM with more info on what specifc items you sell!!!
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    Welcome aboard, as 4 medical supplies,:dunno:
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    Hello and Welcome. :wave:
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    I thought I had posted a hello to you already and welcomed you but I don’t see it. Hmm well any rate hello and I will now be looking for my hello post to you as I probably mistakenly placed it in another thread. Opps!
  8. Safari 7

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    Thanks for the warm welcome, all!

    I'm reading as time allows, and thoroughly enjoying it.

    Thanks for the heads-up NaeKid; I think a vendors' section would be a good thing, as a lot of vendors actually do know something about their wares and are often very good at discussing them. (Not that I'm one of them, mind you! :D )

    Look forward to reading a lot more and posting a little...

  9. AlmostThere

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    Also from Colorado near Salida

    Hi Safari 7. I too am from Colorado fairly near Salida. I am up in Park County not too far from Fairplay. I just joined this website today so I am new to this. I have only been preparing for about 6 months but have been working hard at it. Do you know of any groups in Colorado that meet to talk about preparing or survival skills, etc? It would be nice to find a group of like-minded people.

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    Welcome, lots of good information here. Please share your knowledge with us. Life is a learning experience. :)
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    Safari&, Welcome, I lived in Salida for many years. Owned a small business in Poncha. Beautiful country. AlmostThere, I went to high school in Fairplay. Love Burro Days. :)
    Take care,
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    Welcome to the forum :wave: