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    Hey folks,

    I'm Mike, I found a link to this site from I'v been big into Jeepin for about ten years, and being prepared for what may come on the trails has sort of led me to look at being prepard for what may happen offthe trails.

    The book, "Dies the Fire" by S.M. Stirling, really got me thinking about what I would do if something catastrophic happened. That book really appealed to me, as it has an Event which cancels out all technology and firearms, so mankind is thrust back into the Dark Ages. I have always loved history, and I regularly train with swords, axes, and shields. I love camping and being outdoors, and enjoy learning antiquated skills.

    What really made me go beyond just packing a first-aid kit and keeping a hatchet in the Jeep was a discussion with my dad. He retired from NSA after directing their Counter-terrorism unit, so he knows a thing or two about what's going on in the world scene. I had no idea that he keeps two hundred gallons of fuel, rotated monthly, and food stored for at least three months for him, his wife and my two brothers. My one brother is a licensed gun-smith, and my dad is an instructor for firearms and hunting licensing courses, and he loads his own ammo and has a pretty sweet gun shop set up next to his garage. He also owns about two dozen rifles, a dozen shotguns and more than 20 handguns, with hundreds of rounds for each. We got to talking about building me an AR15, and that led to further discussion of being prepared for what may come. Now, like I said, my dad was pretty high up in the federal government, and if he thinks something is coming, I'm more apt to trust and take him seriously than some guy on a ranch in South Dakota. (no offense to anyone in SD.)

    So, I am looking forward to learning more on this site and sharing ideas.
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    WELCOME, Turtle, from a long time preparer. Look forward to your posts and replies.

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    Sounds like you have an awesome dad ... give him a big hug, eh? :2thumb:
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    Haha, yeah, he's pretty solid, I guess I'll keep him.

    Here's a pic of one rack from his shop:

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    Hmmm... Guess I'm still getting the hang of this site.

    Anyhow, some of the finishes are custom, because my brother used them as practice when they first set up the powder-coating gear. The business is called "Corsica Coatings" if anyone is interested in custom work or finishes.
    dad's guns.jpg
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    Hello & Welcome :wave:
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    :welcome: Be sure to keep us informed if you hear any whispers of things to come that don't make it to the MSM. :)
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    Will do, Uncle Joe! Actually, my dad's name is Joe, so that seems a bit odd to type "Uncle" lol

    I should probably also mention that I am also former military and was briefly in law enforcement, so I've had a little training. :beercheer: