New Zealander woman passes away

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  1. NaeKid

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    Coca-Cola drinking 'linked to New Zealander's death'

    Everything in moderation?
  2. PamsPride

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    I don't think she would have headed the warnings even if they had warnings. I think it falls under plain 'ole common sense that that much coca-cola would be bad for your health.

    That just amazes me that her children when they were presumably 6 months to a year old and getting their teeth in that they would come in without enamel.

  3. ksmama10

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    Oh my! That's five 2-liter bottles per day....Even on my worst days, I can't tolerate more than two 20 oz bottles or glasses...and then not one after another. Yuck. I don't like Coke or Pepsi anyway, feels like it's rotting my insides. If you can clean a toilet bowl with it, chances are it's not too great for the human body. Excuse me while I go guzzle some of this nice ice water...
  4. goshengirl

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    Yep, I'm cutting my Diet Pepsi consumption down to a gallon a day, and not a drop more.
  5. partdeux

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    Interesting about the kids enamel... But, that is a LOT of sugar!
  6. ksmama10

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    This article quotes her partner as saying she also smoked 30 cigarettes a day. It's amazing she lasted as long as she did.


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  7. UncleJoe

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    Back in the late 90's/early 00's It would be nothing for me to drink a 6 pack of 12oz cans a day, every day. Now I might do 2-3 cans a week. Water became my main drink.
  8. *Andi

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    'Clear warnings' needed ... (You can't fix stupid ~ sorry)

    I think not but as was posted I don't think she would have a care one way or the other.

    I remember a story about a mother that was feeding her child nothing but watermelon 24/7 (duh) Mother in jail and child now living with foster care.

    Or the teen that ate chicken mcnuggets 24/7 for 15 years ... even after being told they were killing her.

  9. kejmack

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    Drinking only coke depletes your potassium and your heart simply stops. Andi is right, you can't fix stupid!
  10. ksmama10

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    My husband loves sweetened iced tea, which I grew up on too, but I'm finding I can't tolerate near as much sugar in it as I once could. I like it to wash down my food, but if none is made, or there's just enough for his glass, I'm fine with water. Still drink pop sometimes, but found when its really hot out and I'm very thirsty, water is best..tea is second. I also found out during my childbearing years it was much better if I consumed my caffeine before 6 or 7 pm if I wanted a good night's sleep.
  11. invision

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    I got you beat... My first heart attack was determined to be stress and caffeine induced... I had spent 72 straight hours working on a downed financial network... Millions at stake per minute... I was drinking Monster Energy Drinks like water after hr 20... I had consumed 1 every 3 hours... Their warning on side says no more than 3 servings in 24 hrs, the can is 2 servings... Yes, I had around 17 cans or 34 servings in 52 hours. Call me stupid, I started drinking them again right before my 2nd due to another 72 hr run different issue, same client same stakes, deep down i knew it would end with a HA, but after the first one, having a stint in my mind i was like no biggie... yep, another 2 day visit, another stint for a 40% block minor artery.... On my 3rd when I was doing 72 hr on 12 hr off for 3 straight weeks, yep same client, but this time 50 out of 50 servers down, and 75 pcs completely wiped out... At the second week, I had all the tell tale signs that I was going to have a 3rd... Figured ok, 3rd stint time... Not this time, quad bypass... I had 65% blockage behind a stint and doctor was afraid a second stint would collapse the artery, since they went in, they did the 3 major arteries "just in case"... Well, let me tell you, since the quad - I will never touch them again. Also, I no longer service this client on a daily basis per MY choice, but the COO and CEO both know they can call me anytime, but they will get one of my guys doing the heavy lifting with me just putting in 8 hour days...

    All i can say is - Yep call me stupid...
  12. "Pop"? I thought only western Pennsylvanians called soda or cola "pop". Lol
  13. ksmama10

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    Most native Kansans call it pop...I think. Soda is that powdery white stuff you put in baked goods without yeast, or add to water when you have heartburn. Good for a variety of uses..unlike pop, although I've had some success cooking with Coke and Dr Pepper. Coca-Cola Cake is still a favorite in my house.