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I am also new, having just registered but like you I am not new to emergency preparedness. In fact, I recently completed a 33 yr. carrier in an emergency response organization, the last three of which directly involved preparedness issues.

No one, whether government entities, private organizations, or individuals, have the time and financial resources to plan for everything. That's why I believe we as private citizens should concentrate on the hazardous events that are most likely to occur in our area. Do a hazard analysis for your locale by talking to your locale Emergency Manager, Fire or Police Chief. Are weather events top on the list, or is it something else? Start your preps from there and keep them general in nature. That way, you can also apply your preps to unexpected events.

I agree that staying in place for most of us it the best option. After all, that's the location of all of our resources, especially our long-term food storage. Abandoning those is not a good idea unless, of course, we have no other option.

I look forward to participating on this forum and learning from those of you already here.
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