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Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Turner, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Turner

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    Hello everyone! My wife and I have recently made the decision to start prepping, due to the way things are going. Any advice? We are setting up Bug-Out bags and Everyday carry bags for ourselves and our son, we are also looking for a BOL in Nebraska or Kansas, anybody out there? We look forward to learning and getting to know you all

    Thank you
  2. nj_m715


    Welcome, just poke around and you'll find tons of info here.

  3. Jason

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    Turner, you've come to the right place. You've got 2 things going for you already: you've decided you need to do something to prepare for an uncertain future, and you're doing it as a family. Look around and ask lots of questions.
  4. NavyKen

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    Good for you turner. One thing I will tell you is dont fall for the pre-made food storage kits that have been on the TV and radio lately. you can put back twice the food for the same money doing it your self. And above all do not... I'll say it again NOT go into debt (Ie buy stores on credit) building your stores. If the economy does collapse debt is death.

    By the way I sent you a private message.:congrat:
  5. horseman09

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    Turner, if you don't mind some more advice -- if you are a chronic TV watcher after dinner, stop.

    Instead, turn on your computer and start some serious browsing on this forum. As the others have said, you've come to the right place. Lots of folks here with absolutely invaluable experience and advice.

    Congrats to you and your wife for not being sheeple.
  6. Tirediron

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    Good to hear that you are plannning for the future, when you can't afford to buy suplies keep looking for information there are a lot of good links and a ton of info on this site. being prepared is a lot more about attitude and knowledge/skills than supplies. :beercheer:
  7. Ponce

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    Turner?........remember than being a preper and a survivalist is a way of life and not a hobby.

    Getting ready for the past then years and I am still not ready.....

    "To be ready is not"... Ponce
  8. mdprepper

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    :welcome: to the forums!
  9. Clarice

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    Welcome, please share your knowledge with us. Remember to keep your preps between you and the family. Take it slow and steady. Yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores are a good source of supplies to make your prepping $ go further. It doesn't have to be new just useful.
  10. vn6869

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    Like Ponce said . . . it's a way of life.
    Prepping is not just food storage, it's energy alternatives, financial planning, home protection, and all around "awareness" of your environment.
  11. popandnan

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    New prepper

    Hi, my husband and I are new to this, too. We are taking it one day at a time, reading and learning. Good to have you..............
  12. tsrwivey

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    Congradulations on your decision to get prepared! :congrat: Read, read, read but be sure to use critical thinking while you read. Some of the best info out there is mixed in with over exaggerations, half truths & craziness. Be clear on what your family wants to prepare for & how much time & money you can devote to the cause then stay within those parameters. Best of luck to you!
  13. carolexan

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    I too want to congratulate you for your decision to become a prepper. Speaking as a long time prepper there is always something to be learned from others. Having all the preps in world will not help you survive without the knowledge to use them. You taken a major step in the right direction...keep up the good work! I'm pulling for you.
  14. goshengirl

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    By all means, ask questions. It's not only helpful to you, it's helpful to others - I know I get some of my best ideas from the questions other people ask. :)

    Prepping is so multi-faceted, it's hard to know where to start. I think jumping in, reading up on this forum, following links to articles or store sites - all of that is a good springboard for your research. If your brain hurts from all the new information you're trying to cram in, don't worry, it does get better. ;)

    It's a good idea to get a handle on just want you want to be prepared for. Natural disaster? Unemployment? Economic collapse? And just how does each one of those things effect you? Your prepping will evolve as you learn more - your goals will change as you learn more. So plan as much as you can now, and know that you'll learn more and plan better as you go along.

    BadgeBunny started a thread about learning something new each month - she's set up a schedule for herself for the entire year, specifying a new prepping skill for each month of 2011. What a great idea for new preppers! You might want to check out that thread for ideas (I'll see if I can find it and post a link).

    Additionally, I think on this forum you will find people who are "preppers" and people who are "survivalists" (and people who are both). I mention this because you may find that you're not doing the same thing as some others, and that's okay. Your goals may be different. But you can learn from both, because the common trait of both preppers and survivalists is a self-reliant state of mind. And we can all learn from that! :)
  15. nj_m715


    I don't look at it as prepping for a specific event. Being ready is being ready, be it a snow storm, power failure, chemical spill, food disruption, trucking strike, mutant flu outbreak, it doesn't really matter.
  16. ImNotCrazyRU

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    I’m new to the forum but my wife and I have been prepping for about a year now. I believe you will see your forum grow quickly as we head into next summer and the election. I firmly believe that what’s happening in Greece is coming our way next year.

    I live near Madison Wisconsin and the protests that made national news last February raised my urgency level considerably. We are too close to ground zero in that regard.

    We are building up our food storage and working on our bug out plan. Has anyone discussed the use of motor homes for a bug out vehicle? There are some pretty cheap older class C motor homes available with low mileage. I know the gas mileage is not the greatest but you have a solid roof over your head with heat, bathroom, kitchen, generator, etc.

    VOICEOFSAM New Member

    Turner, From what I've read, these people are giving you some good advice. So here's my 2 cents worth, USE SOME COMMON SENSE. What works for me will not work in your situation. So keep a clear head and a open mind.
    I know a person that bought spam and toilet paper in bulk for Y2K. They are still using out of the cases of toilet paper. I hope this made my point.
    Remember hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

    ONEOLDCHIEF Well-Known Member

    Welcome, happy to see folks from the Grand ole state of MS, my home... Live in NW Fl now... You will find great advice here, but watch out for the politics, there are some who can get upset... LOL:sssh:

    Be careful you can easily become like my wife and I, staying up all hours of the night reading post...
  19. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    Welcome to the spot. Its great you have a family to do all this with. Its always fun to learn with others. I try and leep my prepping simple. Food, water, security, skills, meds, and toilet paper. Not ranked in order of importance. You can learn a lot here from folks that actually know what theyre talking about. Dont forget the skills part. Take up some fun hobbies like target shooting, fishing, hiking with the fam. The fringe benefit of prepping is that gathering useful skill sets is just a helluva lot of fun. :)