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Make sure your jars are actual canning jars. Only they can withstand the heat and pressure.

Meat can be cooked or raw. It's a matter of preference and time. Eg. we just canned up a bunch of turkey sausage and chorizo. We cured in the fridge, fried up patties and crumbles and then canned. I've canned chicken, pork loin and beef raw as well as cooked. If I get a bunch on a really good sale, I'll do raw to save time.

It does cook as it cans. But things like chili, soups, stews we cook slightly then put in the jars and can.

You leave the screw bands on for 24 to 48 hours then remove and wipe down your jars before storing in a cool, dark place. As long as the jars are sealed they may last up to five years. Anything suspicious or a loose lid, you toss immediately, don't even think of tasting it.

The easiest in my mind is dry beans. Wash, check for debris, put in the jar with seasonings and add boiling water to within an inch and pressure can. Done and ready to eat. Cheap experiment too. Depending on the bean it's only a bag or 2 for pints.
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