New reason to prep

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  1. The_Blob

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    "right-wing think tanks"... WTF?!!?!? :gaah:

    isn't it the LEFT that believes in the new religion of Humanocentric Induced Climate Change Theory? :nuts:

    :nuts: :gaah: :nuts: :gaah: :nuts:

  2. HarleyRider

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    Another good reason to prep.....

    Here's an even better reason to prepare: :eek::eek::eek:

    A Really Bad Day.jpg
  3. NaeKid

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    If some of those enviro-engineers actually decide to experiment their ideas .... I honestly don't know what would happen, but, it could end-up being a very long term situation that even attempting to grow gardens or raise farm animals or hunt could become impossible for the average person to do ...
  4. micki4ever

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    wow! we already have that here.....they are called grids. the planes fly over and form a gridlike pattern in the sky, then 3-8 hours later, clouds and rain. No kidding! even in the middle of a dry hot summer day. I have related this to others and they are amazed that they have never realized this before. I think some call them "chem-trails" you can tell because they dont dissapate like jet engine streams, they become bigger and cloud like. They are usually in the pattern of grids over the city where I live.
  5. Clarice

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    Hey Micki4ever, I know what you are talking about. I use to live in Montana in my other life and I've seen the grids. Never did figure out what it was all about.