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    My wife was just going through some old books and turned up my very first survival book. It is titled " Checklist for Survival " by Tony & Jo-Anne Lesce. Copywright 1980. If any of you can find a copy, it is well worth having as a guide and checklist. Covers a lot of things people tend to forget about. It was published by Desert Publications, Cornville, Arizona , 86325
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    Do you have an ISBN?

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    Thats the good thing about survival, it cant be outdated but only added too.
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    Tony & Jo-Anne Lesce's Checklist for Survival Desert Publications, 1980, 174pp. ISBN: 0-87947-441-6

    WOW... U.S. $145.00 antique book market value :eek:

    Amazon USA has several $10 to $76 (the link don't work). - I just bought one for $10... ya gotta be quick !! :cool:

    I had one wayyy back, don't know what happened to it and the rest of the Palladin Press stuff... "Get Even", "Altenative I.D.", Ragnar Benson's stuff etc. -- the sh*t never hit the fan as expected *sigh*... now all the dates on the cans have expired, all the long term storage stuff being fed to the pigs (if they'll even eat it) :D

    A couple available at Amazon in the U.K. from 19 to 31 British Pounds.

    CHECKLIST FOR SURVIVAL: Tony & Jo-Anne Lesce: Books

    Xerox version? $20 : Frugal's Forums Archive 2001-2006: Merry Christmas Ladies--Look inside for your present

    BUT, the sh*t is about to hit the fan now, right? Plese tell me it is... I'm tired of waiting... all these preps, I'm getting tired of all this waiting. I'm just getting to old for this... it was supposed to happen 30 years back, right... I SWEAR! :D

    Yours truly, -The ancient survivalist - who hopes now to just die of old age waiting for TSHTF... :rolleyes:
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