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    Wow!! Great site. This will be a great place for me and others who are interested.

    By way of introduction, I am a retired railroad engineer. Also retired and now inactive as a Paramedic on a volunteer fire department. I am the civil defense director and safety director for the 4 wheel drive club,, I belong to.

    We are in the process of getting involved with the regional government emergency management office to provide adequate vehicles and trained personnel during emergencies. There are 30 of our members that have volunteered their time for this endeavor. We are in the process of taking ham radio training and then will all become CERT trained.

    Preparation of ourselves and our vehicles is an important part of this program and this site will help immensely. I will encourage everyone on our team to visit this site and get answers and advice.

    Thanks for a great site,

    TC Hiser
    Seward, nebraska
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    Welcome! Glad to have you here.