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    I started thinking about survival and being prepared in the late 70’s when I started having the same dream over and over again. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not touting that I am psychic or anything like that but it just struck me as odd that the same visions kept coming to me night after night. I was in a protected valley and there was a firestorm passing over the top of the ridge line destroying everything in its path. I “knew” that is was caused by some catastrophic event and to survive I need to get a “BOB” (Bug out Bag) together. I didn’t know what that was then but I started digging through the drawers and cabinets in my dad’s house thinking about what might be useful in a survival situation. To this day I can still close my eyes and have a mental inventory of just about anything in that house and mine. Since the dreams started I have called the whole scenario “The After After” and tried talking to family and friends about as an almost therapeutic way to deal with my concerns. I was met with at best skepticism and at worst mockery and laughter.

    I grew up on a small gentleman’s farm nestled in the maple trees of Vermont on 12 acres. My dad’s garden was almost an acre, close to two acres of orchards and around 50 chickens. We spent a lot of time growing, harvesting and processing and the training was invaluable. Like most teenagers I couldn’t wait to escape the confines of the backwoods small town and spread my wings so I joined the Army and left 2 months after graduation and spent the next 10 years traveling.

    Traveling the globe and seeing how other people and cultures live has been invaluable. The consensus I found was most cultures dislike Americans. They didn’t hate “me” as a person just “me” as the American. We do what we want as a citizen and as a country and are too powerful for anyone to make us stop. We as a nation take a whole lot for granted. We are a nation of consumers. I am not referring to our god given right to go buy the latest I-phone. I am talking about how we can destroy an entire species of fish off of the coast of Iceland so we can have Mcfish sandwiches on the dollar menu. We have lost touch with what is valuable, what has worth and I would rather not get into how the entire family unit is non-existent.

    It is amazing how we as a country grow more and more lethargic as the generations pass and complaisant that someone else is going to protect our freedoms. Someone else is going to make sure we are feed and protected. Someone else will save us when the time comes. Most people will be extremely surprised when the SHTF and no one comes “to save them”. It took FEMA almost a week to get water to the football stadium. The problems are so big and I am tired. I don’t even know if I want to try and save the world anymore. I will have to be content in the fact that I am doing what I can to save those I love and cherish and let the rest perish in their own ignorance.

    Thank you for the free therapy and nice to meet you.
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    I too am amazed at how in only 2 generations, the majority of this country's populous has lost the ability and even the desire to take care of the most basic aspects of life. :dunno: Until about 4 years ago I was part of the majority. Thankfully I woke up.

    Looking forward to more of your posts.

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    WELCOME, sforgays, from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
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    Hello & Welcome :wave:
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    That's quite a story and a lot of good insight. Welcome.