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I lived up in NW Ohio for about three years. I miss some of the folks, but it was too far away from civilization for my tastes. Being 45 minutes away from the nearest barnes and Noble was tough for me.

Funny story about LDS . . . Years ago, I was a manager at a hotel, and while I was behind the bar grabbing a soda, one of our front desk girls walked up and asked me for something to drink with her lunch. I said, "Sure, you want a coke or something?" She replied, "Oh, I can't have caffiene, I'm LDS." Having been raised Catholic, I had never heard that particular term before and assumed it was a medical condition, so I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Is that treatable?" lol She looked at me with a complete lack of humor and said, "LDS? Latter Day Saints?" I thought it was pretty funny. She wound up leaving the church, too. Actually, I've never met anyone who was raised in it who stayed with it.
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