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    Have been trying to find groups that I could participate in and learn from, which my search landed me here.

    I grew up in a small community close in to Mount Hood. After moving away, and living in town for far too long, I returned with my family in tow. Having grown up in a farming community, and in a family already used to gleaning, canning and fishing, I felt capable of using this little bit of knowledge to start being better prepared for whatever. After the economic drop of 2008, it was a sad awakening moment. Although I knew something was already wrong with our economy (seeing employment troubles, before 2008, for many I knew), but was wholly unprepared to see what is basically another depression.

    We were renters in a suburban neighborhood, a small backyard flanked by unmovable trees, gardening was never succesful, and having been stopped from having our small backyard flock of hens for eggs, by the city, then watching growing crime right within the complex we rented in, the police seemingly unable to effectively deal with it, we finally "escaped" to the countryside.

    Now we are renters (it's ok, but we hope to own soon) and it is a house on an acre of land. With so much space to garden, we hope to be much more succesful this year (of course Oregons weather was horrible this last summer, nothing ripened), and having just reclaimed our flock, plus, we plan to start doing as much as we can to become independent.

    I know our knowledge for gardening could be heavily expanded and hope to find great advice here. Having never canned vegetables (only fruit), which my own mother would never touch for fear of botulism, I have given consideration into the subject, but also find myself fearing it as my mother always has. Maybe someone here has some advice that would prove to be what is needed to know how to can safely....
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    :welcome: to the forums!

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    Hello & Welcome! :wave:
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    Goodmorning HoppeEL4, welcome to the forum:):)
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    WELCOME, :welcome:HoppeEL4 from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts
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    Welcome ... you will find this site a welcome relief from what is typically out there. These folks are great!
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    Thanks all, am looking forward to learning from you all.
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    Welcome from another Oregonian! I am new here also and have been very pleased with this forum as there seems to be no fighting and people are able to post an opinion without getting jumped on. For me, coming here was like getting a breath of fresh air. :) You will be very happy here. Looking forward to reading your posts.
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    Welcome to the forum, I to am from Oregon but from the other side of the mountain. I'm kinda new at preping but if there is anything I can help with just give me a shout.
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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us!

    There are a lot of discussions on here about gardening and canning. If it's any consolation or encouragement, a lot of us have been canning for years and we've never had a botulism incident. Follow the instructions carefully and your canned food will be safe. You could also try dehydrating, it might feel safer to use the finished product. You could freeze your food but that doesn't often fit in with an independent lifestyle, since it requires energy to power a freezer.

    Best wishes as you learn!

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    As gypsysue said, follow the instructions and you'll be fine. This was only my 4th year at canning and I haven't poisoned us yet. Last year I ventured into canning meat and I lived to tell about it. :)

    There's a mountain of info in these pages. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask. Someone will point you in the right direction. :wave:
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    Thanks. I do have a small "Ronco" dehydrator, and should put this to use. The other tool I felt I needed in conjunction with the dehydrator was a Food Saver, in order to seal things such as jerkey and such.

    Berries and apples are plentiful in our region. Wild berries abound and are free for the taking. There are so many apple orchards just up aways and this makes cull apples so cheap (averaging .50 cents a pound, as well as pears. Salmon can be had with just a fishing license, and the river is just down the hill from us, fall is the prime time, you can practically just reach in an grab some.

    We do not hunt, probably should build up this skill though. What would we do if stores had nothing to offer? Can't always depend on the supply chain to be working as we have always known it.

    We are on the western side of the Cascade range, and it is a wet enviroment. Recently we have noticed some test fields by the state university, testing wheat varieties (maybe hybrids?) that grow and ripen over here. Although wheat farms are just beyond the Cascades on the eastern slopes, and this also makes bagged wheat cheap too (just need to invest in a good grain mill, suppose hand crank is the way to go).