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    Hello, my name is Mandie and I am from Oklahoma. I am a stay at home mom of 4. I want to be prepared for everything that I possibly can be. I work hard on canning as much as I can and storing the things I think we will need for the future. (I think my husband thinks I am crazy, but he doesn't mind.) I grew up on a farm, but now live in the city. I don't have much room outside, but make the most of it. Right now we are getting out gardens ready. We love love garden time. We also love "edible weeds", living off the land. I hope one day to get back to the farm life before it is to late. Thanks for having me, I look forward to being here! :D
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    Welcome to the forums , hope you find everything that can help you . And enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome fellow Okie...