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    I have been compelled to start my stockpiling/preparing for WTSHTF. Southeast Missouri has floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and being a swamp... infectious disease (west Nile most recently).

    Personally, I have only my wife, 4 yo daughter, and myself to fend for immediately. All my other family members are at least 50 miles away, so they are basically on their least initially.

    I'm basically, in the planning and initial purchasing stage of preparedness. I just found a store in my town that sells premade kits and all kinds of food supplies (never knew it was there until just the other day). I have a small room in my basement that I plan on converting to storage. It is in a corner and has a window so if worst case (the house collapses) I can still dig out the supplies relatively easily. I went to a local gun dealer (oddly that's when I passed the survival store) to check out pricing on a Springfield XD 9mm...since I believe that security (vs the 'have nots') is a very high priority if you have set yourself up as a 'have'.

    My wife thinks I'm borderline :nuts: but I'm slowly convincing her that it's not preparing for a 'zombie apocolypse' I'm worried about, it's a natural disaster or economic collapse. I'm only about 4 hrs from Joplin, MO that was just hit with a tornado, so that woke her up a little.

    Here's my basic outline so far:

    Stockpile the BASICS... water, food, medical supplies first. Equip both our vehicles with 2 person BOBs, 2 way radios, and a few other misc items. Work on making the house a 'hunker down' spot. I drive a diesel truck, so learning to synthesize bio diesel (and buying/building the equipment and supplies to do it) are on the list. Basically, if the house is comprimised...load up the F350 and make our way 50 miles to the rural home of my parents. I am working on a written disaster plan, so that if my family is seperated WTSHTF everyone will already know what the rest is doing/going to do.

    Anyway, it's late so I'm just rambling on... I'm 35, work as a car salesman, but have a very diverse skillset (mechanical, electrical, 'improvisational', and agricultural). I love The Colony and Earth after People type shows/movies as they get my brain working on the alternate scenarios I could encounter.

    I'm here to learn, and if possible teach. I believe that while I may think I have a wealth of knowledge there's always someone with 1 more thing.

    I'd love to hear some recommendations for product, suppliers, specific items, or anything else.. I mean, that's why we're here right?
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    Welcome to the forum :wave: Don't feel alone about your spouse thinking your a little off your rocker, mine thinks I'm totally nuts:nuts: and she don't know but about 1/4 of the stuff I have bought this last year. I just look at it this way, if the need ever arises and I can supply her with the things we need I'll look like a Sounds like you have a very good start up plan and there are others here with a huge wealth of knowledge that can and will help with any questions you have....happy planning :)

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    Welcome Mo!Best place to be to prepare is right here.:)
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    Thanks AJ and Meerkat!

    btw- AJ love the truck! gotta have the CC LB!
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    :welcome: to the forum :wave:

    you're ahead of the curve just thinking about prepping IMHO

    one thing I recommend to you is look into converting your diesel engine to run WVO/WMO as opposed to making biodiesel, it ends up being cheaper & easier

    Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems | Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems has very easy to install kits

    good luck :beercheer:
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    Welcome, please share your knowledge with us.
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    WOW welcome and get the heck outta cape Gerrardeau LOL!!!

    I'm delighted you are on the right path. There isnt a whole lotta time left to do so - so get started with the basics, as you have layed out. Dont forget kerosene and kero lamps- some way to cook "after" and dont forget little things like aspirin and such- and some barterable items
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    Hey Guru, it may help you to read a cpl books.
    James Wesley Rawles "how to survive the end of the world as we know it"... a very interesting in depth read. Once started you won't want to put it down till done.
    Another is a fiction but almost a primer on surviving an emergency with no power "Alas Babylon" It was written in the 60's I think - but you can still get it through Amazon.
    It sounds like you have already put alot of thought into this and have some great ideas. One never stops learning however, and can learn alot from books and other preppers. Hope you like the books
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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us!