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Still waiting for the zombies.
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Hi. New forum member here from Illinois. Kinda new to the whole prepping thing in a formal sense although I've always made contingency plans and back up plans for stuff related to my day job so I'm comfortable with the idea. Also, saved seeds for years now, grew gardens, etc. Pretty handy and quite a DIYer (sometimes to the Mrs. displeasure). Stashed food away and such too. So I think I have the right mindset already.

Now, I'm getting serious about having a more organized approach. Me and the Mrs. don't think the future looks too good and figure it can't hurt to be prepared. If nothing happens, our preps will make for an interesting "find" when the kids/grandkids go through our stuff when we're gone. And if something does happen we'll be in a situation to take them in (or with us).

So far I'm looking at a few approaches. Small BOB with essentials that can be hidden in the car and would be with me at all times. Larger BOB for use assuming we can start from the house. BO kit that will be a series of larger containers with much more supplies and equipment to be used assuming there is enough time to also pack them or to use if bugging in. Also setting up a twice yearly review... probably during the time changes or first day of spring/fall to restock older food and other stuff approaching expiration and to do a general bag and kit re-evaluation. Long term I'd like to consider specialized transportation and and some type of remote location/building/MAG/??? as a BOL but I need to get the basics in order first.

I'm looking forward to sharing info here and seeing what others can recommend.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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