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    Okay, here's my situation:

    I wish that I could say that I have my own land and well drilled, that I was off the grid with everything I need in case of emergency - but alas I live in the subburbs of Omaha in a rented three bedroom home. I have a reasonable size yard, but no acreage. I do have a woodburning fireplace, full basement and 2 car garage as potential storage space. I have no stored food or water or wood.

    We are a single income family of five (three kids in daycare cost more than a second just not worth it!) Money is tight, but we get by.

    I have been reading and learning for at least 5 years about this stuff in all forms (mother earth news, internet, homesteading, living off the grid, disaster preparedness, etc.), but have not actually applied my knowledge yet. I am a believer in the need to do these things to protect my family and for our survival in the event of all bad things happening...but having a hardtime getting started.

    It is intimidating which I think is why I've been stalling. Don't have the extra money, need to start small. This year I am starting my first real garden, in the past I've only attempted a few things like tomatoes, corn, peppers. I am putting my first seedlings out tomorrow. So if all goes well with my garden, I will try canning and freezing, maybe dehydrating? I am starting to freak out...I feel like it's going to take me years to get ready and I don't have years! What do I start with that's easy, fast, cheap, practical, and will build my confidence and make me feel like I've accomplished something? I am planning to start filling our two liters with water and storing those in the basement (do I need to treat the tap water first?) I was also think of using our fresh garden vegetables to eat now and using the extra grocery money to buy canned foods which can last for years and are affordable (I am a little scared of canning myself, what if I don't do it right and poison my family with botulism?)

    What's the cheapest fasted route to build up my food supplies???

    As you can see, I am lost.

    :eek: I need so much help! Of course I am actively reading the existing posts and threads on here, so I should eventually find the answers - but any sagely advice is much appreciated.
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    WELCOME, :welcome:roaringaslan from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
    Start small, at least you are on the right track. Previous posts are a wealth of info here, we have discussed this very subject many times, with many different variables.
    Gardens are one of the best ways to prepare not only in the short term, supplement your present diet and save money, but for the long term by earning a useful life skill.

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    I am starting to freak out ... I've been there and done that.:D

    It can be intimidating ...but once you get your feet wet, you will be fine.

    Hello & Welcome! :wave:
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    Good to see you onboard. You sound like me ... a bit of a procrastinator maybe? The only thing I've found that helps me is to just go do it! Too much thought just holds up progress. There comes the time when you know enough and then it's best to just jump in and get started.

    The first thing to do is walk away from the computer and get the water bottles and fill them and put them in the basement for storage. When you've done that you've already taken the first and most important step. The rest of the process is the same. Take each step as it comes. Lots of money is nice for preps but not necessary. Think about this; 150 years ago the average person had months of food storage as a way of life. They had shelter suitable to survive a nuclear war although they didn't face that prospect at the time. They had knowledge of how to use medicinal plants and the things that grew in their area for healing, for assorted teas and flavored drinks, and for spices and seasonings. They knew how to forage for food. They kept a few chickens for meat and eggs and usually free-ranged them so they didn't even have to buy feed for them. They were so much better prepared than most Americans and did it with practically no money and no modern technology.

    So take inventory of what you do have. You have a home with a full basement. Right there in the basement you have a potential fallout shelter, root cellar and great storage space for canned food and water. Look this and other related websites over to see how to build an expedient fallout shelter in your basement. I'd be willing to bet you could do it without spending a single dime.

    Anyway, this and everything else you need to know is available on this and similar websites. Happy hunting!

    P. S. - Your family is fortunate that you take this seriously. Imagine the heartache and guilt others will experience when disaster strikes.
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    You have already started - in your mind. That is the hardest hurdle to get over.

    The quickest / simplest / easiest route to take to building up your stocks is to visit warehousing grocery stores where you can purchase products in "huge-bulk" at "huge-savings". To help people starting out, I created a document that I hope might help you as well.

    Print it out (double-sided to save paper) and head out on a shopping trip. When you see something that you need, instead of buying just one of the item, buy one for use and buy two for storage. You will see your storage room fill fairly quickly.

    Water (and other drinkable liquids) would be one of the things I would really spend time planning out. Water-cooler with 5 stored bottles of water (you can re-fill from your tap if you would like to save some extra money) would be sufficient for your family of five for drinking only (not washing) for maybe two / three weeks. Store "water flavourings" like Gatoraid-powder, iced-tea powder, juice-powder (etc) to breakup the monotony of only having water.

    Work with your family to create "easy-to-make" meals that can be eaten cold, eaten cooked on a BBQ or eaten cooked on a two-burner propane-stove. Create the meals so that they use the least amount of wasted-water - meaning any water used in the preparation is not poured down the sink. Check our recipes section for more ideas on those kinds of meals - and - when you find your own - share with the rest of us.

    Step-by-step - a little at a time and you will do just fine!

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    Welcome aboard, read the threads and learn. Ask us questions and share what you know.;)
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    The first thing to do is walk away from the computer and get the water bottles and fill them and put them in the basement for storage.

    Mosquitomountainman: that one made me laugh, and you are very right. Thhank you for the encouragement everyone...I am off to get started. I think I'll start an ongoing thread titled "what I accomplished today"...that will push me to make progress and reward me with online inrteraction ;)
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    You are welcome to add to the existing thread or start your own.

    Existing thread is a sticky in the General Prepared Discussion called
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    Lots of good advice in the above posts. I'd like to add one more tidbit. When you start your garden, choose heirloom seeds and save the seeds from this years crop so you don't need to rely on the garden center next year. Some plants don't produce seed until the second year so start your research now.

    This book will teach you all you need to know. Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners (9781882424580): Suzanne Ashworth, Kent Whealy: Books

    You may even find it at the library so it won't cost you anything. :wave: