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I have a few New (tags and/or inspection stickers in place) US issue Modular Sleeping Systems (4 piece) for sale for $149. I also have the same quality bag with out the paper on it for $125. If you dont need little pieces of paper go with the $125 units.
The MSS comes with a water proof Gortex Bivy in Woodland camo pattern. A green patrol bag (good for temps over 30 degrees) and a black intermediate bag (under 30 degrees) are included. A 9 strap compression bag is also included. The Military rates all the bags used together for -40 degree rating. It is mummy style system. Use the bags indepedent of each other or together depending on your climate. Ditch the tent. The Bivy will help keep you warm and dry against rain and snow.
I guarantee all bags to be clean and free from damage. Please send me a PM with your zip for shipping info.

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