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Neti Pot

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Just a quick FYI of something I've used for awhile with good success.

After moving to the South from the North my allergies were really giving me trouble. So I started using a neti pot to avoid normal medicine. You fill it with water and a basic salt/baking soda solution then run it through both nostrils.

It's been great! I brush my teeth, floss and then use the Neti pot. Allergy issues, common cold, haven't had a single issue since starting to use it.
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I have used a NeilMed Sinus wash for many years. It actually has reduced my sinus infections big time. I used to get 3 or 4 infections every year. Now I get 1 every four years! Well worth it. It is also great for treating a cold.
I recommend it instead of the Neti pot. It is much easier to use, you won't run the risk of drowning (LOL) and you can get more pressure out of it if you want!
You can also get a child size bottle.
I have both and I like the neilmed better. It's easier to use.
I recently switched over to the Higher pressure model offered by Neilmed. That's a strange feeling.
I've thought about doing that. Sometimes my sinus's are so swollen that gravity alone doesn't help.
I'm having the same issue. Some mornings I couldn't get the solution through at all. The addition of force is nice, but it leaves my sinuses a little raw from all the blowing.
After some time of using it I quit to see what the difference would be.

Amazing how much more congested I am.

I need to cut back, maybe use it 2-3 times a week but still. Mornings especially are impacted.
I use nasal irrigation to help with colds but I make sure that I use distilled water. There is a case of a someone using a Neti Pot with contaminated water that died of a brain infection.

3 die of rare brain infection from amoeba in water - Yahoo! News
Wow that's terrible. I usually boil and cool then keep a jug, but not always.

Now it will be always.

Anyone else ever finish it then 5 minutes later get a rush of hot water out of your nose?

I'm trying to see if it's normal.
Breathing through your mouth is the trick. Also if I'm too congested I take a swig of buffalo wing sauce and that opens me up enough for the Neti pot to work.
Never tried that, makes sense though.
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