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    Good morning,
    I'm in need of some (20 to 25) quart to half gallon sized mylar bags. I'd like to find the thickest possible. I want to use them for on shelf storage, no buckets.

    I've tried two or three ebay sellers, none of their's are impervious to light. I've tried a few on line retailers too. With all the on line retailers the shipping is twice, or more, the cost of the bags.

    I know what I'm looking for has to be available without paying an arm and a leg for shipping. If any of you have any suggestions where I can go to find smaller bags with reasonable shipping costs I'd appreicate any suggestions.

    Thank you in advance for any word of wisdom,
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    You can buy larger bags and cut them down. Just seal up the cut ends. It might be the cheapest way.

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    0 has many many different selections of mylar. The last purchase I made was for the 5 gallon bucket type, 10 bags plus 10 2000CC O2 Absorbers for $24.95, FREE SHIPPING. The vendor was OakTea International and they have lots of different sizes/quantities at quite good prices, all available at I was very happy with the purchase and had it in my mail in 5 days.
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    the LDS church has 1 gal that will seal to various sizes but i just put in the amount i need seal the top that way when i open it i can reseal several times these bags are some of the heavest i have bought they are online in the family prepardness section mark