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Nasty Things Schools do to Children. All the time. Decades.

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So this is a Tucker Carlson video. Talking about sex changes and such for children.

This made me realize. That throughout the years schools have always being doing things to kids to ruin and destroy some of those kids lives. Been happening for decades. So in government schools you get taught to care about what politicians want you to care about.

So for example when you really care about some issue locally others whom disagree with you for example take out there opposite political agenda on you by punishing you. Maybe your entire family to.

This video above is just another example of a politically a hot potato where parents and students are taught to care about another political agenda where it can have serious physical consequences for a student and a family. Because kids where taught to care and were forced to care about such issues on purpose.

Something they should not care about at all. Not like they do anyway. The ones that do.
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Because it is so serious to many people. People are forced to care and respond. They make you care. So go full on bore with them right away. Threaten to pull your kids out of that school right away. Get other parents to join you. Etc.

Make then worry about loosing there jobs. Etc.
Politics in America seems to have become violent and radical, on the left.
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